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To start the Lantern Rite Tales II in Genshin Impact players must complete a quest called Wangshu Once Again. This mission tasks players with helping out Verr Goldet at the Wangshu Inn. Verr is having issues running the inn thanks to the Lantern Rite festival. To help get the inn running smoothly use our Wangshu Once Again guide below.

Wangshu Once Again Walkthrough

To start this quest make your way to the Wangshu Inn. Head to the top floor of the inn and speak to Verr Goldet. Verr will explain the situation at the inn to you. This will trigger the quest which features a number of steps to complete. Once these steps are complete you will receive your quest rewards.

Go Visit Smiley Yanxiao

To start the first step simply leave the front desk area of the inn and head into the kitchen. Here you need to Smiley Yanxiao, the inn chef. Offer to help out Smiley to get the next quest objective.

Go Downstairs and Help Bring Smiley Yanxiao the Food Ingredients

Image showing where to find ingredients for Smiley.

Once you offer to assist Smiley you will get you next quest step. Leave the kitchen and head to the bottom of the inn. Go to the docks on the northside of the inn and interact with the three crates there to receive the three food ingredients we need to bring back to Smiley. Once you’ve gathered the ingredients you will receive a new objective.

Hang the Xiao Lanterns Near the Entrance of Wangshu Inn

Image showing where to hang the Xiao Lanterns in Genshin Impact.

With ingredients in hand it is time to decorate the inn a bit. Head to the front steps and hang the two Xiao Lanterns at the locations shown above. This can be done by approaching the quest markers and interacting when prompted. Once the two lanterns are hung you will trigger the next step.

Carry the Ingredients Upstairs

Head back upstairs and go to the kitchen. Walk to the spot next to Smiley and place the ingredients there. Speak to Smiley after you’ve placed the ingredients.

Talk to Verr Goldet

Once you’ve dealt with Smiley head back to Verr Goldet and tell her that you’ve delivered the neccessary goods to help him out. During this interaction Wang’ya will appear. Wang’ya will mention that Mr. Bohuan has gone missing. You will need to find him.

Find and Save Mr. Bohuan

Image showing where to find Mr. Bouhan in Genshin Impact.

Leave the inn and head to the north into the Dihua Marsh area. Here you will find Mr. Bohuan surrounded by enemies. Clear out the enemies attacking the poet and then speak to him. Mr. Bouhan will request 1x Cor Lapis and 1x Qingxin from you. Deliver the requested materials to this NPC to get him to return to the inn.

Go Back and Talk to Wang’ya

Once you’ve rescued Mr. Bohuan head back to the inn. Make your way to the reception area and speak to Wang’ya. Upon speaking to Wang’ya you will complete this quest. For your efforts you will receive Primogems, Festive Fever, and Mora.

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