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Where the Light Wanes is a Lantern Rite Tale request players can complete in Genshin Impact‘s Lantern Rite event. This tale is part of the Lantern Rite Tales II collection. To complete this request players need to help an NPC Millelith soldier named Hongyu who is suffering with a headache. For help completing this quest consult our Where the Light Wanes guide below.

Where the Light Wanes Walkthrough

Once you start this Lantern Rite Tale make your way up the central stair case in Liyue Harbor. At this location you will encounter an NPC named Hongyu who is standing about halfway up the stairs on duty. Speak to Hongyu to learn he is currently suffering from a headache. This ‘headache’ involves finding a number of trashed Xiao Lanterns throughout the city.

Head to the Designated Location to collect the Xiao Lantern #1

Image showing how to get the Broken Lantern in the tree in Genshin Impact.

After you speak to Hongyu a new quest marker will appear on your map at Mt. Tianheng. Head to this location. When you arrive there you will see a lantern inside a tree. Climb up the tree to the lantern and collect it to get the first of a few you will need to find and collect.

Head to the Designated Location to collect the Xiao Lantern #2

The next broken Xiao Lantern can be found directly west of where you found the first broken lantern. At this location you will encounter a group of enemies around the lantern. Dispatch of the enemies and collect it.

Head to the Designated Location to collect the Xiao Lantern #3

The next lantern can be found up in the Jueyun Karst area. Head there now and go to the quest marker. When you reach this marker you will encounter more enemies. Defeat these enemies then speak to Flash-Fist Ling. After talking to this NPC grab the broken lantern.

Report back to Hongyu

Once you’ve grabbed the three broken lanterns listed above you will be prompted to return to Hongyu. Head back to Liyue Harbor and meet up with Hongyu to tell him of your progress. Upon filling in this NPC you will complete the mission. For you efforts you will receive Primogems, Festive Fever, and Mora.

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