How to Use the Cram-o-matic in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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The first expansion for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield is the Isle of Armor. This new expansion features a number of new additions like pokemon, NPCs, clothing items, and the Cram-o-matic. The Cram-o-matic is a robot that looks like a pokemon and it recycles items. To help you unlock this mechanic and use it for yourself use our how to use the Cram-o-matic guide below.

Where to Find the Cram-o-matic

Image showing where to find the Cram-o-matic location in Isle of Armor.

Start up the expansion pass and head to the Isle of Armor. On the Isle of Armor make your way through the area called Fields of Honor. In the middle of the Fields of Honor area there is a large Master Dojo you will need to visit to advance the storyline. Go inside the Master Dojo and complete the battle there. Once you gain control of your trainer you will be able to activate the Cram-o-matic.

How to Activate the Cram-o-matic

Image showing how to activate the Cram-o-matic in Isle of Armor.

After you fight Mustard and the pokemon steal your rivals outfit you will regain control of your trainer. Head to the right of the main dojo area and go past your room into the living area. Here you will trigger a cutscene about the Cram-o-matic. Basically to get the Cram-o-matic running you need to give it 500 Watts. This is the game’s central currency so you should have enough to turn on the machine when you first encounter it. Once you give the currency you will be able to use the machine.

How Does the Cram-o-matic Work

The Cram-o-matic is pretty simple in terms of its function. When a trainer interacts with the machine they can deposit 4x items. These 4x items are recycled and 1x item is given in exchange. The value and rarity of the item returned is random so you are basically taking a chance at turning inventory trash into something worth while.

That’s all you need to know about the new trash recycling Cram-o-matic in the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Isle of Armor expansion. This new addition to the game allows you to clear out your inventory for potentially better items. This means those items you’ve been hoarding for no reason now have a purpose.

If you wish to see the recipes you can use in the Cram-o-matic check out this list from Serbii. It is very useful if you are wanting to craft a specific item.

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