Pokemon Sword and Shield: Where to Heal Pokemon

In Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield you will fight other Pokemon. During these fights you will lose health. If you lose enough health your Pokemon will faint. It is in your best interest to keep your Pokemon in peak health. To help you do this here’s a quick guide highlighting where to heal Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Heal Your Pokemon at Pokemon Centers

Image showing where to rest you Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

To heal your Pokemon you want to make your way to the nearest Pokemon Center. Pokemon Centers are spread out throughout the various towns and routes of the Galar region. Inside Pokemon Centers approach the nurse and speak to her. She will take your Pokemon and heal them. This applies to fainted and non-fainted Pokemon. Overall healing your Pokemon at a Pokemon Center only takes a few moments. It costs nothing and is worth you time to visit often. Look around each town you enter to find the Pokemon Center.

This concludes our brief look showing you where to heal Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Use the Pokemon Centers throughout the region to keep your Pokemon in top health. Happy fighting out there.

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