Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield: Where to Find Poke Marts

In Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield you will make your way across the Galar region fighting other trainers and Pokemon. While making this journey you will want to be stocked with various supplies. These supplies can be found in the world as well as purchased from Poke Marts. This guide will show you where to find Poke Marts in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Where Are Poke Marts?

You will find Poke Marts inside Poke Centers across the Galar region. Poke Centers can be found inside towns across the region. Inside Poke Centers head to the right side of the building to find the Poke Mart. Interact with the vendor to access both buying and selling services. Items you can buy from the Poke Marts include:

  • Pokeballs of different types.
  • Potions.
  • Status effect heals.
  • Repels.

As you progress through the story of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield the items stocked in Poke Marts will change. Keep your eye on each store so you can stay stocked up on various items that will benefit you.

That’s all you need to know about where to find Poke Marts in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Let me know what you buy when you stop in a Poke Center in the comments below.

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