How to Upgrade the Motorcycle in Days Gone

In Days Gone the player’s primary form of transportation is a motorcycle. This machine allows Deacon to traverse the world in a relatively quick manner and can upgraded for even better performance. Below I will show you how to upgrade the motorcycle in Days Gone.

Complete the Tutorial and Meet Manny

Complete the Tutorial and Meet Manny

Before you can access motorcycle upgrades you need to have first completed the game’s tutorial. The tutorial ends when you arrive at the Copeland’s Encampment where you meet Manny. Manny is the Encampment’s mechanic. Once you’ve met Manny you will be able to start upgrading your motorcycle.

How to Upgrade Motorcycle

How to Upgrade Motorcycle

Once you’ve met Manny and received a new bike, you will gain access to a Mechanic. Mechanics are your primary source for motorcycle upgrades. You can find a mechanic in Encampments throughout the map. At a Mechanic you can upgrade/change the following aspects of your motorcycle:

  • Performance: Engine, Exhaust, Storage, Fuel Tank, Frame, Nitrous, Tires.
  • Visual: Headlight, Wheels, Exhaust Tip, Front Fender, Shroud.
  • Paint: Accent Paint, Frame Paint, Decals.
  • Refuel: Refuel your bike.
  • Repair: Repair your motorcycle if it is damaged.

When you begin Days Gone you will only have access to a few items for your motorcycle. To unlock better upgrades you need to increase your trust level within the Encampment. This can be done through selling items and completing Encampment quests.

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