Where to Sell Items in Days Gone

Days Gone is all about survival in a post-apocalyptic, zombie infested world. As you survive, you will come across various items in the world which can be sold to certain vendors. This guide will show you where to sell items in Days Gone.

Bounties Vendor

Bounties Vendor

Inside Encampments you will find bounties vendors. These vendors will by bounties off of you for trust and money. You acquire bounties by defeating enemies (things like Swarner Ear and Newt Ears are bounties). Selling bounties is an easy way to raise some quick cash if you need it.

Kitchen Vendor

Kitchen Vendor

Like the Bounties vendor, the Kitchen vendor can also be found in Encampments. This vendor will purchase animal meats as well as plants from you. If you spend a lot of time foraging and hunting, the Kitchen vendor will buy the items you acquire for trust and money.

Selling items to both the Bounties and Kitchen vendors in an Encampment is an easy way to raise your trust and cash. Be sure to remember these vendors as you venture deeper into the world of Days Gone.

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