How to Upgrade Abilities in Control

In Control players take on the role of Jesse. Jesse is a mysterious protagonist who is seemingly powerful. As you progress the game you may be wondering what how to level up Jesse. Below you will find how to upgrade Abilities in Control.

Play the First Two Missions

Image showing a mission from Control.

To start you need to complete the first two missions in control. These missions are Welcome To The Oldest House and Unknown Caller. At the end of the Unknown Caller mission you will return to Pope in the Board Room. After speaking with Pope you will gain 4 ability points. These ability points can be used to upgrade Jesse.

Upgrade Abilities at Nearest Control Point

Image showing upgrading abilities at a Control Point.

Once you have the ability points make your way to the nearest Control Point and interact with it. When you interact with the Control Point you will see an Abilities tab. Select this tab to open the abilities menu. You will not have many abilities to start with, so dump your points into areas you feel will help. For upgrading your first ability you will unlock the Parautilitarian trophy.

As you playthrough the game you will unlock more abilities and ability points. Make sure to spend them at your nearest Control Point. That’s all you need to know about how to level in Control. Drop any questions or comments you have in The Pit below.


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