Unknown Caller Guide – Control

After you complete the first objective in Control you will meet an NPC named Pope. Pope wants you to find the Hotline in the Communications Dept. This will start you next objective called Unknown Caller. Use the Unknown Caller guide below to complete this mission.

Unknown Caller Quest

The Unknown Caller quest has you making your way to the Communications Department. To do this you need to pass through a couple of different area. These areas are the Cafeteria and Dead Letters. Read more about each area below.


Image showing the tree in the Cafeteria.

From the Board Room head north through the doors on the ground floor (there is a sign beside them with the comms on it). Go down the stairs and through the next door. You will be inside an office space with windows leading out to a the Cafeteria area which has a tree in it. Ignore the tree area for now and head to the end of the office area to find a chest and Correspondence. Head out into the Cafeteria.

In the Cafeteria ignore the red hallway (damages you if you go inside) and go down the stairs. On the ground floor of the Cafeteria you will be attacked by some enemies. Take out the enemies and you will unlock the Research & Records 6: Hiss Barrier. Look to the east to find a Shelter. It is inaccessible for now. Look to the right of the Shelter to find a Case File. Head west in the Cafeteria to reach Men’s and Women’s bathrooms. Go inside both to find a chest and a Correspondence. When ready head out the door on north side on the ground floor to reach Dead Letters.

Dead Letters

Image showing the Dead Letters area.

When you enter Dead Letters head to the left and grab the Correspondence. Return to the stairs and go down them. Go into the second office on the left to grab a chest. Head to the offices on the right and access the dark middle one to grab another piece of Correspondence. Head behind the stairs you came down and grab the chest and the Correspondence in the southwest corner.

Make your way down the second set of stairs and head up to the Control Point. Take out the enemies that spawn and cleanse the Control Point to get a new objective. Before heading into the Communication Dept, head back to the lowest floor and go into the offices on both sides to get 2x Correspondence and a Multimedia. Return to the Control Point and head through the doors to the west (you can grab the Multimedia from the office next door if you want). This takes you to the Communications Department.

Communications Department

Image showing the entrance to the Communication Department.

Upon entering the Communications Department you will see stairs leading up, a door, and a hallway. Go up the stairs to reach a chest. Ignore the door and head down the hallway. As you walk down the hallway a person will come falling out of Pneumatics. Ignore that room for now and head to the Shelter at the end of the hall. Open the Shelter and grab the chest and Correspondence inside. Return to Pneumatics and head inside.

Inside Pneumatics you will come face to face with a new Object of Power. To complete this room you need to reach the Object of Power and cleanse it. This can be done by following the path set out and taking cover when needed. When you reach and cleanse the Object of Power you will be taken to the Astral Plane for a challenge.

Astral Plane Challenge (Telekinesis)

Image showing the Astral Plane Challenge for Telekinesis.

This Astral Plane challenge revolves around Telekinesis. You need to solve puzzles using your new power. The first puzzle is to simply pick up and throw the stone at the other stone. The second puzzle is to pick up the gold box and throw it into the gold receptacle. Once you reach the end you will need to use your power to kill some enemies. Complete this sequence to unlock the Paranatural Powerhouse trophy. Once the sequence is complete return to the real world.

In the real world you will be swarmed with enemies. Use your new power to weaken the shield enemies and take them out. Return to the hallway. When you step into a new enemy will appear. Take it out to unlock the Research & Records 7+8: Hiss Demolition Expert & Hiss Ranger. Head past this enemy into the hallway that is now open leading south.

Note: In Pneumatics there is a Level 1 locked door. Inside this door is a chest and a Case File.

Head inside the first room on your left to find a chest and a Correspondence. Head to the room to the right and use your telekinesis to move the boxes. Inside you will find a chest. Return to the hallway and head deeper to reach a large open area. Make your way towards the Control Point and grab the Level 1 Clearance Card off the corpse on the left. Claim the Control Point and go up the nearby stairs to reach a Shelter. Head back downstairs an go inside the Mail Room.

Boss Fight: Tommasi

Inside the Mail Room you will face off against our first boss called Tommasi. Tommasi floats around and throws stuff at you. The easiest way to beat this boss is simply hide behind pillars peak shoot him. Once his health gets low enough he will fly away opening the path forward for you. Before you leave the boss arena look in the northwest corner to find a Correspondence. Once you have that head upstairs and enter the control room.

Inside the control room grab the Multimedia and Tommasi’s ID collectibles then head towards the Hotline Chamber. Along the way you can grab a chest and a Research collectible. Once at the end of the hallway pull the rope three times. On the third pull you will be taken to the Oceanview Motel.

Oceanview Motel

Image showing the Oceanview Motel.

In the Oceanview Motel make your way to the front desk. The puzzle here is that ringing the bell opens different doors in the motel. Ring the bell three times and enter the far room. Inside you will find a key with a black pyramid on it. Take the key and open the locked door by the rope you pulled to get here (in the motel). Interact with the rope by the painting three times to get transported to a walkway leading to the Hotline. Walk over to the Hotline and pick it up. When you pick up the Hotline a cutscene will play and you will be transported to another Astral Plane challenge.

Astral Plane Challenge (Hotline)

Image showing the Hotline.

To complete this Astral Plane Challenge you need to do some simple platforming while avoiding two enemies. These enemies cannot be killed so simply avoid them. At the end of the challenge you will reach the Hotline. Pick it up. For completing this challenge you unlock the Hotline ability which allows you to speak to entities.

When you come to you will be inside the Director’s Office. Head all the way back to the Board Room and speak to Pope to complete the Unknown Caller quest (unlocks the Unknown Caller Trophy). You will also gain Experience points you can use towards levelling Jesse’s abilities. Once you are done the next mission will begin called, Directorial Override.


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