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After you speak with Pope you will get your next objective, Directorial Override. This objective tasks you with searching for a way into the Maintenance Sector. To help you complete this objective, use our Directorial Override guide below.

Reaching the Maintenance Sector

Before leaving the Executive area you are going to want to upgrade Jesse. This can be done at the Control Point > Abilities. Once you’ve upgraded the abilities you want, check out the Astral Constructs and build any you want. After this is done you can head out the Executive Area through the west Sector Elevator into the Maintenance Sector Access Corridor.

Maintenance Sector Access Corridor

Image showing the Control Point in the Maintenance Access Corridor.

When you enter the Maintenance Sector Access Corridor you will get a new objective to find Ahti the Janitor. To do this head deeper into the maintenance sector until you reach the first Control Point. Clear the enemies and cleanse the Control Point.

Make your way into the large room to the south of the Control Point. When you enter this room a number of enemies will spawn. Take out the enemies and the red mist will clear. Continue heading south into the under construction area. Head through this area and you will see the door to the Janitor’s Office. Instead of going there, head down the hallway towards the flashing light in the Break Room. You will trigger a new objective called A Merry Chase.

Astral Plane Challenge: A Merry Chase

Image showing a Merry Chase mission.

Go inside the break room and the floor will fall out beneath you. You will be taken to an Astral Plane challenge. To complete this challenge simply jump across the platforms to reach the carousel horse. This will trigger the second portion of the challenge involves using your new ability Dodge. Reach the end of the challenge to complete the Astral Plane challenge (basically dodge different things). For completing this challenge you will unlock the Shifting Positions trophy.

Back in reality return to the Janitor’s Office and head inside. Inside the room you will witness a brief cutscene. After this cutscene the Janitor will give you the Class 2 Level Key Card. Before you head through the locked level 2 door grab the clipboard to unlock the What A Mess: Burn the Trash mission. Head through the locked door.

Continue forward until you reach an elevator. Ride the elevator down into the the lower area of the Maintenance area. In this first room you can grab the Correspondence. Head into the next room to reach the NSC Power Plant.

NSC Power Plant

Image showing the NSC Power Plant location.

Inside the NSC Power Plant head left upon entering to find a Shelter. Go inside and open the chest. Once you’ve opened the chest head over to the NPC standing near the entrance to the Power Plant. This NPC will tell you to go see Chief Arish. Go into Chief Arish’s office and grab the Correspondence on the shelf. Speak with the chief.

After the cutscene with Chief Arish you will get two objectives: Fix NSC Coolant Pumps and Fix the NSC Energy Converters. These objectives are housed in different areas. So let’s go to the NSC Energy Converters.

NSC Energy Converters

Image showing the entrance to the NSC Energy Converters.

The NSC Energy Converters are located to the east of the NSC Power Plant. Make your way through the power plant over to the NSC Control Room area. Here you will be attacked by a number of enemies. Take them out then head inside the NSC Energy Converters.

Inside the NSC Energy Converters area you will run into a Control Point. Clear the enemies and cleanse the Control Point. Use Telekinesis to move the gold box into the spot to the right of the cell doors to open them. Head through the doors into the main NSC Energy Converters area.

Inside the first area clear the enemies and go up the stairs on the west side of the room. Grab the Home Safe Test on under the clock on the wall to unlock the A Good Defense mission. Return to the lower level and head into the next silo area. In this area you need to put the gold boxes on the structure in the center of the room. Once you’ve placed all three you will be able to leave the area. through the elevator in the next room. Return to the NSC Power Plant.

A Good Defense

Image showing the Central Maintenance entrance.

Since we are in the area we might as well grab the new power from the Field Training area. To reach this area walk north from the elevator until you find the door for Central Maintenance. Go into this area and shoot the Hiss Blocks throughout the room. This will clear the way to the Field Training area.

Field Training

Image showing the end of the Field Training area.

Inside the Field Training area make you way into the office on the left to find a piece of Correspondence. Leave the office and head past the locker room to reach the Field Training room. In this area you need to complete a brief obstacle course. This course combines combat and movement. It is timed so you need to make your way through it quickly. At the end you will reach a Object of Power. Use the Fuel Can to destroy its shield then interact with it. This will move you to an Astral Plane Challenge.

Astral Plane Challenge (Shield)

Image showing the Shield Astral Plane Challenge.

To complete this Astral Plane Challenge you need to utilize your new shield ability to avoid the damage dealt by gold enemies. Using your shield reach the end of the challenge to unlock the shield ability. You will also unlock the Insular Telekinesis trophy for you troubles. When ready return to the NSC Power Plant and head to the west to the NSC Coolant Pumps entrance.

NSC Coolant Pumps

Image showing the entrance to the NSC Coolant Pumps.

Before you can enter this area you will need to take out a number of enemies. These enemies are new and explode when killed. For defeating these enemies you will unlock the Research & Records Hiss Charged entry. Once you’ve cleared the enemies head inside.

Like the NSC Energy Converters area you will need to cleanse the first room. Clear the enemies and cleanse the Control Point. Head right into the furnace room. We will bang out the What a Mess; Burn the Trash mission while we are here.

What a Mess: Burn the Trash

Image showing the What a Mess: Burn the Trash side mission.

To complete this mission all you need to do is collect the radioactive barrels throughout the room and throw them into the furnace. You will need to do this a number of times. If you are stuck look in the lower levels or check the hole in the wall on the north side of the room. For completing the side mission you earn mods and 2 ability points. Return to the Control Point and head into the

NSC Coolant Pumps

Go down the rock tunnel until you reach the NSC Coolant Pumps. Like the previous area we need to put the gold boxes into three pumps. The first two pumps will go easy, while the third pump will trigger a secondary object about a pipe blockage. When this triggers head into the area to the south called the Pipeworks. Shoot the eyes in the sludge blocking your path to continue. Repeat this process until you reach the middle of the Pipeworks. Shoot the eyes once again to unblock the pipe. Return to the NSC Coolant Pumps and put in the final gold box. When this happens an elevator will trigger from the north side with a beefy enemy in it. Kill the enemy and ride the elevator up.

NSC Control Room

As soon as the you leave the elevator and exit through the double doors you will be attacked by a number of enemies. Take them all out then proceed to the elevator on the northwest side of the NSC Power Plant. Ride it up to floor 2 the NSC Control Room. Inside this control room clear the enemies and cleanse the Control Point. When ready interact with the button in the middle of the room. Return to Pope in the Board Room (use the elevator).

Upon speaking with Pope you will receive the Key Card Level 3. This key card allows you to open any doors at that level. Once this is done you will unlock a new objective to find Marshall called Old Boys’ Club.



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