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After you speak with Pope she gives you a new mission called the Old Boys’ Club. In this mission you are tasked with finding a Marshall. To help you find Marshall use our Old Boys’ Club guide below.

Central Research Sector

Image showing the Central Research Sector.

To start you need to reach the Research Sector. To do this simply head to the Sector Elevator and make your way to the Research Sector. Head inside this sector and make your way to the courtyard.


Image showing the location of the Parapsychology entrance.

The courtyard in the Central Research sector is quite large. There are a number of floors for you to explore. With that said to advance the plot you are going to want to make your way to the Parapsychology area. To do this simply walk down the two flights of stairs and take out the enemies. Shoot the various Hiss blocks around the blocked exit to have the real exit appear. Head inside.


When you enter Parapsychology the way forward will close. Hang a left and complete the minor platforming sequence. Go inside the door at the end and take out the waves of enemies that appear. Walk through this room and enter the Astral Exhibition. Claim the Control Point in this room then head to the left.

Astral Exhibition

Image showing the console in the Astral Exhibition.

Make your way through the Astral Exhibition until you reach a control room. Hang a right and open the blast door. Go through the door and into the large area with the Hiss inside it. This enemy cannot be killed so you need to trap it in the large holding cell. To do this place the two gold blocks on both sides of the large door. Run into the holding area and wait for the hiss to follow. Run through the small man door and up the stairs to the console. Press the button to close the door. This will open another small man door which allows you to move forward.

Through this man door you will re-enter the Parapsychology area. This area is a large room with multiple enemies. To advance you will need to take out these enemies and make your way through the room. Once you reach the opposite side of the room you will be able to claim a Control Point. Do this then head over to the intercom by the elevator and activate it.There will be a brief cutscene then you will need to defend yourself as the elevator arrives. Board the elevator when it appears.

One you get off the elevator you will arrive in a peaceful area. Walk to the right to and claim the Control Point there. Continue heading to the right to reach Luck & Probability.

Luck & Probability

Image showing the luck and probability room.

Inside Luck & Probability make your way to Marshall who is standing in the corner of the room. Marshall wants you to clear out Darling’s HRA Lab. To help you do this she will open a door for you to head out. Head through the now open door on the west wall into Ritual Division.

Ritual Division

In the Ritual Division you will walk into a battlefield. Clear out the enemies with your allies then go to Claim the Control Point. When you do this a new Hiss enemy will appear. Take it out then claim the Control Point. From the Control Point head north into the Protective Studies area.

Protective Studies

Image showing the solution to the Protective Studies puzzle.

Make your way through the Protective Studies area until you reach a wall with a puzzle on it. To complete this puzzle simply match the shape on the paper to the shape inputted. When done correctly the door will open and you will gain access to HRA Lab.

HRA Lab Puzzle Solution

Image showing the machine in HRA Lab.

When you enter the HRA Lab make your way over to the console in the middle of the room. Interact with the console to trigger a cutscene with Marshall. Things are about to get more complicated. After the cutscene ends run around the HRA Lab collection five punch cards. We need these to solve the puzzle. Once you have all five input them as follows: 1-Right 33% Filled, 2-Middle Filled, 3-Half Middle filled, 4-75% Filled, 5-Left 33% Filled (click links for pictures).

Once you fire up the machine it fails. This causes Marshall to send you down to Black Rock Processing. You will receive a number of rewards for completing this chapter including a Level 4 Key Card and the Old Boys’ Club trophy. Once the cutscene ends the new mission Threshold begins.



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