Welcome To The Oldest House Guide – Control

Control starts you off by placing Jesse in the lobby of the FBC. This large government building is deserted, causing you to investigate. What follows is basically a brief tutorial to the game. To help you get through this section, check out our Welcome To The Oldest House guide below.

FBC Lobby – Meet the Janitor

Image showing the FBC lobby in Control.

You will take control of Jesse in the Lobby of the FBC. In this area you want to headright of the desk, through the metal detectors (can stop to grab the Correspondence there) and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs you can enter the office to the left to grab a Research & Records collectibles. Leave the office and continue past the paintings to reach a office area.

Image showing the Janitor NPC in Control.

In this office area continue making your way forward. You will see a vending machine on the wall. Go inside the office to the right of it to collect another piece of Correspondence. Leave the office and continue heading forward and you will see a darkened room. Go inside the dark room to grab yet another piece of Correspondence. Return to the hall and continue forward to trigger a cutscene with the Janitor.

Welcome To The Oldest House

Image showing what you will find in the Director's Office.

Once you’ve met the Janitor you will recieve your first objective which tasks you with proceeding further into the Bureau. This can be done by heading past the Janitor and into the balcony area with all the paintings. Some are missing… interesting. Anyways jump into the elevator and interact with the button to trigger the game’s opening credits.

After the elevator arrives on the next floor you will want to head towards the Director’s Office. When you reach the door look to your left and you will see a painting on the wall. Underneath the painting is another piece of Correspondence. Grab it then head inside the Director’s Office. As you get close to the door you objective will change to investigate the noise in the Director’s Office. Let’s do just that.

Inside the Director’s Office you will find the body of the Director and a gun laying beside it. Interact with the gun to trigger a cutscene. Once this cutscene is over you will enter the Astral Plane.

Astral Plane Challenge (Grip)

Image showing the Grip Astral Plane challenge.

The first Astral Plane challenge you need to complete involves using your gun. Head forwards and complete the brief platforming section. You will reach a point with an enemy. Melee the enemy and you will be taken up to a new area with the gun. Grab the gun (Grip) to get the Choose to Be Chosen trophy.

Head forward an take out the two enemies below you using your Grip. Once these enemies are defeated you will be able to go down into the large area. In this large area you will need to take out two gun wielding enemies and four walkers. Once you’ve done this interact with the tear to trigger another cutscene and return to reality.

Reaching the Central Executive Area

Image showing the Central Executive sign.

Once you return to reality make your way out of the Director’s Office an into the hallway. Turns out things have gotten a bit spookier since we were last here. As you begin to walk towards the floating guards you will watch a brief cutscene. After the cutscene the three guards will attack. Take them out (while earning the Research & Records: Hiss Guards entry) and continue down the hallway.

Head past the elevators and you will see a sign for the Central Executive area. This area is full of enemies so be ready to fight. Before heading there make your way into the furthest right office to find come Correspondence. Leave this office and head the right and enter the next office to find a Multimedia piece on the filing cabinet. Head from this office into the large area and take out any enemies still alive. Go up to the Shelter door and head right along the wall to the very end to find another piece of Correspondence. Return to the Shelter and go inside.

Image showing inside Shelter

Inside the Shelter grab the Correspondence on the sink and interact with the materials chest. Turn around leave the safe house and head to the right. You will reach the Central Executive area through the double doors.

Central Executive Area

Image showing the Central Executive area.

Inside the Central Executive Area make your way into the first room on your right. Inside this room you will find a Correspondence on the table and a Research & Records on the cabinet. Grab both and head back out to the hallway. Head down the hallway towards the large red pyramid. Jump over the railing to reach the area below. As soon as you drop down enemies will spawn.

Once the enemies are defeated you will need to cleanse the control point. To do this simply interact with the tear that appears in the center of the room. Once the room is cleansed you can interact with the control point to change you outfit. After that you will speak to the NPC named Pope. Pope is inside the Shelter on the floor you are on. Before speaking with her, head inside the boardroom and open the chest there. After you’ve done this go upstairs and explore the offices. There are two chests and a piece of Correspondence in them. Return to the Shelter and speak with Pope.

Once you’ve spoken with Pope you will be prompted to cleanse the Hiss-corrupted Agent. To do this simply walk up to the agent floating just off the floor and interact with them. Your attempt at cleansing doesn’t work. Return to Pope who is standing by the Board Room doors and speak with her and there will be a brief cutscene. After you talk with Pope you will receive the Welcome To The Oldest House trophy, some mods, a Research & Records collectible, and a new objective.

This new objective is called Unknown Caller and it tasks you with entering the Communications Dept. to find the Hotline. Let’s head there now.


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