How to Unlock the Magnopulser Special Weapon – Far Cry 5

On the surface, Far Cry 5 plays things pretty straight in terms of storyline. You arrive in Hope County and immediately realize seriousness of the situation. With that being said, fans of the Far Cry series know the games can get pretty wacky and Far Cry 5 is no exception. From weapons to characters, Far Cry 5 features a number of out there ideas and one of them is the Magnopulser weapon. This sci-fi weapon, fires a blast at targets with explosive results. This guide will show you how to unlock the Magnopulser.

Parker Laboratories (Larry’s Side Quests)

Parker Laboratories - Far Cry 5

The first step in our how to unlock the Magnopulser weapon guide is to make your way to Parker Laboratories.

To the West of Fall’s End is an area called Parker Laboratories. Head here and you will find a man trapped inside a what seems to be a plasma globe. This man is called Larry Parker and he needs your help. Discovering Larry triggers the Free Larry side quest.

Free Larry

To Free Larry and start the Magnopulser questline, you need to power down three generators around the Parker Laboratories area. The locations of the three generators are:

  • On the house’s porch.
  • By the house’s backdoor.
  • Beside an electrical shed to the North (follow the blue cable).

Once you’ve powered down all the generators, return to Larry and talk with him. He will give you your next quest, The Hero’s Journey, along with $300.

The Hero’s Journey

After you’ve freed Larry, he will tell you that he can’t talk with you until you destroy listening devices on the Purpletop Telecom Tower. This tower is located to the East of Fall’s End. Make your way there and climb up the tower (requires having a Grappling Hook). As you climb, you will be prompted to destroy two satellite dishes. Once you reach the top, there are three above you that can’t seem to be reached. Larry will come with a helicopter and all you need to to do is grapple onto it and shoot the satellite dishes from out of the helicopter.

Once complete, you will fly back to Parker Laboratories only to discover a number of PEGs are there. Clear out the laboratory to complete The Hero’s Journey side quest which nets you $700 and unlocks the next Larry quest, Close Encounters.

Close Encounters

Bradbury Farm's cropcircles - Far Cry 5

Make you way to the Bradbury crop circles to find the alien artifacts.

Now that Larry feels he can speak freely with you, he will tell you about some alien artifacts that need to be collected. These artifacts are located at the Crop Circle in the Bradbury Farm. The Bradbury farm is located to the Southwest of the laboratory and is fairly hard to miss on your map. Once there, you will learn there are a total of four artifacts to collect. The location of these artifacts are:

  1. In the field surrounded by a bunch of Wild Turkeys
  2. On the big grain Silo at the Bradbury Farm (climb smaller silos to reach).
  3. On a glowing dead cow.
  4. Along the North edge of the field attached to a dog (catch the dog and pet it).

Once you’ve gathered every artifact, return to Larry to receive the final quest, Out of this World, as well as $800.

Out of this World

Hilgard Electric Power Station - Far Cry 5

At the Hilgard Electric Power Station, there are five switches you need to use.

To finish the last quest for Larry, make your way to the Hilgard Electric Power Station. Here you will need to flip five switches in order to reroute power to Parker Laboratories. Once you flip the first switch, and alarm sounds and PEGs appear (so be warned). The five switch locations are:

  1. Shed on the far northwest corner of property.
  2. On electrical box in middle-south part of property.
  3. Shed on far northeast corner of property.
  4. Climb ladder to scaffolding above along south fence line.
  5. Use zipline from part four to cross over to northern scaffolding.

Once you’ve flipped every switch, return to Larry for the conclusion of this chain of side quest. Larry needs you to turn on the generator on the porch when he is ready. Do this and you will complete the Larry questline. In Larry place you will find a pair of shoes, the Magnopulser, as well as the Science Fact achievement.

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