How to Unlock the Pack Hunter Airplane – Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 features a number of interesting aircrafts to unlock. These aircrafts range from simple float planes all the way to old fighter planes. One plane you can unlock as your journey through Hope County is called the Pack Hunter. Below I will show you how to unlock the Pack Hunter airplane in Far Cry 5.

Travel to the Landsdowne Airstrip

The plane we are looking for is found inside the hangar at the Landsdowne Airstrip. This airstrip is located in northern area of Jacob’s Region before the mountains. Make your way to the Landsdowne Airstrip and you should trigger a Prepper Stash.

Complete the Prepper Stash: Hangar Pains

Helicopter location close to Landsdowne Airstrip in Far Cry 5.

The hangar at Landsdowne Airstrip is locked because the generator is broken. You need to get onto the roof and make your way inside through the sunlight. To do this, I simply got a helicopter from nearby (there’s a helipad slightly southeast of there) and landed on the roof. From here enter the hangar through the open sunlight. Upon entering, you will receive the Pack Hunter airplane. Clear out the stash of the remaining money and Perk Points. Open the hangar bay door to leave.

How to Access The Pack Hunter

The Pack Hunter airplane in the shop of Far Cry 5.

To spawn in the Pack Hunter, access any Hangar you find in the world. From this menu you will be able to spawn in the Pack Hunter. As you can see the Pack Hunter is an old fighter plane that is red in color.

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