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It’s been a long 18 month wait since Resident Evil Village was released, but we finally have new DLC content to explore. The new DLC content i the Shadows of Rose. This DLC tells the story of Rose following the events of the main storyline in the base game of Resident Evil Village. Before you can play this game mode you need to know where to find it. Below I walk your through how to start Shadows of Rose DLC.

Download and Install the DLC

Image showing the Shadows of Rose DLC installed on PS5.
The Shadows of Rose DLC installed on PS5.

Before you can star the Resident Evil Village Shadows of Rose DLC content you need to make sure you’ve completed one very important step. Becuase the DLC content is not part of the base game it must be downloaded for you to start it. Navigate to whichever console store you are on and ensure you’ve downloaded and installed the ~7ish GB DLC.

Start Shadows of Rose from The Bonuses Screen

Image showing where to start the Shadows of Rose DLC in Resident Evil Village.
Shadows of Rose can be found on the Bonuses screen.

After you’ve installed the DLC you will see a welcome screen highlighting the different aspects of the Winter’s Expansion. This info screen explains how to access the different new additions including the Shadows of Rose DLC. Getting to it is fairly simple. Go to the main menu and scroll down to Bonuses. Select this option to go to the Bonuses screen. The Shadows of Rose game mode is located under Extra Games.

That’s all you need to know about how to start the Shadows of Rose DLC. This DLC content wraps up the story of the Winter’s family. There is a number of puzzles to solve in the DLC, and even bosses to fight. Overall the experience is roughly 3-5 hours depending on the difficulty.

Check out our other guides for help like where to find the Bolt Cutters, how to solve the Busts of Despair and Predation Gallery puzzles, and find the Cell Key.

Thoughts on out how to start the Shadows of Rose DLC guide? Drop them in the comments below.


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