Where to Find the Cell Key in Shadows of Rose | Resident Evil Village

The second objective players encounter in Resident Evil Village Shadows of Rose is to open a cell door. This cell door is locked and requires you to find a key nearby. To advance the story you have to find this key. Thankfully it is close by and doesn’t require much effort in finding. To help you, here’s a quick guide showing where to find the Cell Key in Shadows of Rose.

Find the Key to the Cell

Image showing the locked door inside of the dungeon in Shadows of Rose.
Speak to the mysterious person behind this doo.

At the start of Shadows of Rose you leave the lab and enter the castle dungeon. As you walk forward down the linear hallway you will eventually reach a locked door. Approach this door to find that someone is inside of it. Speak to them and after the conversation you will gain a new objective to find the cell key.

While facing the locked door turn left. Go down the stairs nearby and go through the double-doors at the bottom into the next room. In this next room take your first left. Walk forward then take your first right. In the next room you will see a bunch of frames lying around and a tablet with some writing on it in the center. Go left in this room. A chandelier will fall as you make your way through the room.

Follow the linear path forward until you reach the very end. You will see some shelves at the end of the hall. On the left shelf is the Cell Keys. Grab the keys to trigger a cutscene. Following the cutscene. Backtrack all the way back to the locked door. Open the door and walk inside the room to trigger another cutscene where you encounter your shadow.

Video Guide: Cell Key location.

That’s all you need to know about where to find the Cell Key in Shadows of Rose. Hopefully you found this guide to be helpful. Let me hear your thoughts on the game and this guide in the comments below.


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