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In the Shadows of Rose DLC for Resident Evil Village there is a puzzle players need to solve called the Busts of Despair. This puzzle tasks you with pushing four statues in a certain order to make a passage appear. The order the statues must be pushed in is hinted at, but the wording can be a bit confusing. To help you solve this puzzle we’ve put together this short Busts of Despair puzzle solution guide for Shadows of Rose.

What Order to Push the Statues in the Hall of Ablution

Image showing the Shadows of Rose Busts of Despair puzzle room.
The Busts of Despair puzzle room.

About midway through the Shadows of Rose DLC you will enter a room called the Hall of Ablution. This room should be familiar to players of the base game. Instead of the puzzle we solved in the base game there is a new puzzle in its place. This new puzzle features four Busts of Despair.

When you enter the room head to the plaque on the opposite wall of the entrance. Read the plaque to get a hint to the order in which to push the different statues. The plaque says the following:

“Although I have just drowned, the arrows’ bite doth sting. They hanged my long ago, yet I feel everything. But still the worst, not last nor first, the sharpened blade did ring.”

The hint from the plaque allows us to solve the puzzle fairly easily. The text mentions three of the four statues and the order in which you need to press them. The order to press the statues is as follows:

  1. Hanged bust.
  2. Sword bust.
  3. Drowned bust.
  4. Arrow bust.

Push the statues in the order mentioned above to solve the puzzle. You can see me solving the puzzle in this YouTube video. Once the puzzle is solved a door in the font will open, allowing you to descend deeper into the castle. What lies below is more enemies and more puzzles!

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