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The second major puzzle for players to solve in Resident Evil Village Shadows of Roses involves paintings of predators and prey. This puzzle tasks you with lining up animals according to what they would hunt. To help you complete this puzzle we’ve put together this Predation Gallery puzzle solution guide for Shadows of Rose.

Where to Find the Missing Snake Painting

Image showing the Snake Painting in Resident Evil Village Shadows of Rose.
The Snake Painting can be found after securing the Silver Mask.

Before you can solve this puzzle you need to find the missing Snake Painting. This is done as you advance through the main ‘mask collecting’ storyline. Once you’ve found the Silver Mask you will arrive in Alcina Dimitrescu’s (AKA Lady Dimitrescu) living areas. Here you will find a Typewriter you can save at. Through the door next to the Typewriter is a washroom. Inside the washroom is the Snake Painting.

How to Solve the Predation Gallery Puzzle

Image showing the Predation Puzzle Solution in Shadows of Rose Resident Evil Village.
The Predation Paintings lined up in their proper order.

Once you have the Snake Painting make your way back to the lobby area of the castle and head up stairs. Go into the door directly ahead from the top of the stairs. Inside this room you will find the Predation Gallery.

The Predation Gallery is a puzzle you need to solve by placing the correct paintings in a specific order. Cross the room and read the plaque at the end for a hint. The hint on the plaque says the following:

“The predators stand united each staring down their prey.”

What this means is that you need to lineup the paintings with prey on one side and predator on the other-side. This sounds simple enough, but there is a small wrinkle. The Butterfly Painting on the left side of the room is fixed in place, meaning you cannot move it. To solve the puzzle do line up the paintings like this:

Butterfly opposite Spider.

Mouse opposite Snake.

Sheep opposite Wolf.

Once the paintings are lined up in this order the box on the far side of the room will unlock. Go to the box and collect the Triocular Key. This key opens the Shotgun case in the dining room area. It also allows you to advance the story to acquire the Gold Mask. You can see me solve the entire puzzle in this video.

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