Things to Do After Beating Resident Evil Village

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There is a lot to do in Resident Evil Village once the credits roll. In-fact much of the game unlocks by taking part in various end-game activities. If you beat the game and are wondering what all you should be doing now, this post is for you. Below I walk you through a few things to do after beating Resident Evil Village.

Unlock and Play The Mercenaries Game Mode

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One of the first things you should do upon completing Resident Evil Village is take a shot at the special unlockable game mode called The Mercenaries. This game mode is a test of your skill in Resident Evil which tasks you with completing various timed levels against tougher enemies. If you want to give this mode a poke check out our guide on how to unlock it. There are many hours of gameplay in this mode if you like Resident Evil Village‘s gameplay.

Play the Main Story Again on Higher Difficulties or in NG+

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Resident Evil Village provides a nice range of difficulty for players to playthrough on. There is an easy mode for people that want to simply experience the game and a hard mode for those looking for a challenge. If the hardcore difficulty doesn’t push you enough there is one final difficulty that will really test you metal. If the challenge isn’t enough there are some unlocks tied to completing the game at a higher difficulty.

Another option for replaying the game is through New Game+. In this mode you take everything you’ve acquired through your first playthrough into the game with you. This means you can fully max out weapons and earn more Lei. This will help you if you are an achievement/trophy hunter.

Buy Everything from the Extra Content Shop

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Once you beat the game for the first time you unlock a special extra content item shop. This shop contains a variety of things like interesting weapons, artwork, and more. To unlock everything form the shop you need to earn in-game currency called CP. CP is earned by completing challenges in the game. To unlock everything you need to earn a ton of CP, so get to it.

Try Re:Verse in the Summer

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If you’ve done everything listed above you’ve pretty much seen all there is to do in the game’s end-game. There is one more thing I think I should mention. Since you purchased Resident Evil Village you gain access to the multiplayer title called Resident Evil Re:Verse. This title is a PvPvE approach to the RE formula. Since you paid for it you may wish to at least check it out in the summer when it is slated to release.

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