How to Save in Days Gone

In Days Gone there are a number of different ways to save your game. These methods provide you with different options while you are out in the world. Below I will show you how to save in Days Gone.

Quicksave At Bike

Quicksave At Bike

The first method of saving is by quicksaving at your bike. Approach the motorcycle and stand next to it. You should see a prompt to quicksave. This method of saving is good for exploration as you can basically save wherever you bike is.

Quicksave At Beds

Quicksave At Bike

If you don’t want to quicksave at your bike, the other option is to quicksave at a bed. Beds can be found in safe areas, and serve the purpose of advancing time as well as saving. Like the bike, you approach the bed until you receive a prompt to quicksave.

Create a Save at Bike or Bed

Create a Save at Bike or Bed

If you want more control over saving, the last option allows you to create saves when near either a bike or a bed. When standing by either of these things you will be able to create your own save. Simply press options on your control and you will be greeted with a screen featuring a save game selection. What’s nice about this option is that you can create a multiple saves through this method (instead of overwriting your quicksave).

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