How to Repair the Motorcycle in Days Gone

Days Gone features a motorcycle as your main source of transportation. Since the bike is crucial to getting around the world, it is important that you maintain it through different methods of repair. To help you keep your bike in pristine condition, check out our how to repair the motorcycle in Days Gone guide below.

Free: Use Scrap to Repair Motorcycle

Use Scrap to Repair Motorcycle
Use Scrap to Repair Motorcycle

The first method of repairing your motorcycle is by using scrap you find in the world. Scrap can be found (gear icon) in various locations like cars, building, and so on. When your bike is damaged you can apply scrap to it in order to repair it (by pressing and holding O). The lower the condition of the bike, the more scrap you will need to repair it. This method is a cheap way of keeping your bike up and running while out in the world.

Credits: Pay Mechanic to Repair Motorcycle

Pay Mechanic to Repair

If you don’t have the scrap or are flush with credits, another way of repairing your motorcycle is by having the mechanic do it. Simply take your bike to a mechanic and interact with the mechanic. On the first screen you will see an option to repair in the lower left corner. The more damaged your motorcycle, the more it costs to repair it.

If you damage your bike to much, it will stop running. This essentially strands you until you either find more scrap or reach a mechanic. Try to keep your bike in the best shape possible to stop this from happening.

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