How to Refuel the Motorcycle in Days Gone

In Days Gone, one of the primary means of transportation is your motorcycle. The motorcycle allows you to move around the world relatively quickly in exchange for fuel. Since the motorcycle can run out of fuel, it is important to know how to refuel the motorcycle in Days Gone. This guide will show you how to do just that.

Free: Find Fuel in the World

Find Fuel in the World

Find Fuel in the World

The first method of refueling your motorcycle is by finding fuel out in the world. Fuel in Days Gone comes in the form of jerry cans you can carry. These jerry cans must be brought to your bike and used to add fuel. The major benefit of finding fuel in the world is simply that it costs you nothing.

Credits: Pay Mechanic to Refuel

Pay Mechanic to Refuel

If you have the money, you can forgo finding fuel in the world and instead pay a mechanic to refuel the bike for you. This can be fairly convenient if you have the money to do so as fuel can sometimes be hard to find when you need it most. Depending on the size of your fuel tank and how much fuel you need determines the cost you are looking at paying.

When you head out into the world of Days Gone, it is important to keep your motorcycle fueled up. If you run out of fuel your bike stops running. Use the two methods listed above to keep your fuel levels high.

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