How to Get the PlayCon Pass in Youtubers Life 2

In Youtubers Life 2 there is a special pass players can get for the PlayCon event. This event features a bunch of interesting activities that can help players increase their social presence. If you want to snag your PlayCon Pass there are a few methods you can use. To learn more see our how to get the PlayCon Pass in Youtubers Life 2 guide below.

Purchase the Pass for 500 Coins

Image showing where to buy the PlayCon Pass in YouTuber Life 2.

The first method of attaining the pass is through the old-fashioned way of saving money. Xavier tells you the pass costs a total of 500 Coins. To earn this money you can create video content and complete Commissions each day. Once you have the 500 Coins all you need to do is visit the PlayCon center after Spring day 7 and speak to the admissions lady in the booth. Give her the 500 Coins and she will give you the pass in return.

Get the Pass for Free via the #FreeTicketPlayConChallenge

During the lead up to the PlayCon event you will see a trending hashtag called #FreeTicketPlayConChallenge that will occur on multiple days. This hashtag tips you off that there is a method players can use to go to the event for free.

To learn about the free method open your Instalife app and read the post there when the hashtag is active. An influencer will hint that there are three hidden NPCs wearing PlayCon shirts around the city. Finding them and taking a photo with them earns you the ticket. The locations are random but here are a few spots to check.


  1. Path leading to the PlayCon Center.
  2. In-front of Spicy Ren.
  3. By Geektopia.

City Hall

  1. The City Hall Plaza.
  2. Outside the Theater.


  1. End of Pier by the Fitness Club.
  2. By the Marquee along the boardwalk.
  3. In-front of TAG Network.

If you have issues finding any of he NPCs listed above you can always exit through the start menu to restart the day. This means you can keep refreshing the day until you find all three.

Once you find all three NPCs and photograph and upload them you will receive the ticket to the PlayCon event. This method can save you some serious coin and cuts down on grinding Commissions leading up to the event.

Regardless of how you decide to get the pass you will want to acquire one. Going to the PlayCon event is a really good way to increase your fandom, rank, and Coin making ability. There is also some interesting interactions and characters you meet during the event.

Thoughts on our how to get the PlayCon Pass in YouTubers Life 2 guide? Drop them in the comments below.


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