Youtubers Life 2 An Imminent Catastrophe Guide

Youtubers Life 2 An Imminent Catastrophe is a side quest players can complete that features real-world YouTuber Crainer. This side quest sees Crainer enter NewTube City through a mysterious portal in the sea. To complete this side mission you must help Crainer get back through the portal. To start here’s our Youtubers Life 2 An Imminent Catastrophe guide.

Record a Video with Crainer

When this side quest is active you will see a number of posts on Instalife regarding Crainer. These posts speak of something happening near The Fisherman shop in the Port neighborhood. Leave your apartment and head to the dock that The Fisherman shop is on. When you reach the dock you will encounter Crainer.

Approach Crainer and speak to him. Crainer is confused as to why he is in NewTube City. To bring back his memory you should make a video with him. Stand in the circle and make the video. Making the video will bring back memories about a portal in the sea. To get to the portal Crainer needs a boat.

This ends the first of the side quest in this quest-line. The next quest to complete is It’s a Boooat Time. This quest tasks you with getting Captain Vain’s boat for Crainer to use. To do this the boat first needs to be repaired. You need to go around NewTube City and acquire the different parts need to repair the boat.

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