Youtuber Life 2 It’s a Boooat Time Guide

Youtuber Life 2 It’s a Boooat Time is a side quest players can complete to help out real-world YouTube Crainer. This side quest tasks you with repairing Captain Vain’s old boat so Crainer can use it to sail to a portal in the sea. To help you complete this side quest we’ve put together the Youtuber Life 2 It’s a Boooat Time guide below.

Ask Captain Vain to Use His Boat

Image showing asking Captain Vain for his boat in YouTubers Life 2.

After you’ve interacted with Crainer make your way to Captain Vain and speak to him (usually in The Fisherman). When you speak to the Captain you will be prompted to ask to use his boat. Make the request and the Captain will agree, but there’s one condition. The boat’s motor is gummed up and requires Squid Ink to fix.

Where to Find Squid Ink

To get the boat going again we need to get our hands on some Squid Ink. To find Squid Ink make your way to The Kraken restaurant in the Port Neighborhood. Purchase the drink for 60 Coins. Take the drink back to the Captain on the pier and give it to him. The Captain will thank you for delivering the item, but will make a second request from you. He needs a line to tie the boat to the dock.

Where to Find Hanger

The suggestion made by the Captain is to go to either a clothing store or warehouse to find the required item. The easiest place to go is Kiwi in the Downtown neighborhood. Head into the store and speak to Kassidy behind the counter. Ask Kassidy for a hanger to help fix up the ship. Kassidy is a Crainer super fan so she is happy to help. Take the hanger she gives you and head back to the Captain. Give the hanger to the Captain and he will head off to fix the boat.

After you’ve given everything listed above you and Crainer will speak to each other. Crainer is scared for the journey so he will ask that you take his pet fish Floppy. Agree to his request to receive Floppy which can be placed in your apartment. Captain Vain then returns and Crainer will sail into the portal and the storm will subside.

This ends the Crainer quest-line. Completing this quest-line unlocks the “You Let Out a “B-B-B-Boat Time”” Reaction and the Crainer official hoodie.

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