How to Get the Mortal Blade in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

How to Get the Mortal Blade

In Sekiro Shadows Die Twice there are a couple of blades for your to collect. These blades are vital parts of your journey and must be acquired to progress in the game. The first blade you will receive is the Kusabimaru and the second blade is called the Mortal Blade. This guide will show you how to get the Mortal Blade in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

Defeat Genichiro on the Castle Tower Lookout of Ashina Castle

The first requirement of getting this blade is defeating Genichiro on top of the Ashina Castle. Once this fight is completed you will be able to speak with a man called, Lord Isshin. Lord Isshin will speak of a Mortal Blade in the Senpou Temple location. Make your way there now.

Defeat Screen Monkeys in the Hall of Illusions

When you reach the Main Hall of the Senpou Temple there is a interactable stand in the center of the area. This stand takes you to the Hall of Illusions and a boss fight with the Screen Monkeys. Defeat the Screen Monkeys to be taken to the Inner Sanctum. Here you will find the Divine Child of Rejuvenation.

Receive Mortal Blade from Divine Child of Rejuvenation

After you’ve completed the above mentioned steps you should enter the building in the Inner Sanctum and speak with the Divine Child of Rejuvenation. This NPC will give you the Mortal Blade, which is a blade that has the following description:

“An odachi capable of slaying the underlying. Its crimson blade will take the life of any who dares draw it. Without the power of Resurrection, one could not hope to wield this weapon, which allows one to defeat even infested beings. Long concealed within Senpou Temple, the blade is inscribed with its true name: ‘Gracious Gift of Tears’.”

That’s all there is to it. Once you’ve cleared out the bosses listed above you will receive the Mortal Blade as part of the Sekiro story. Good luck out there.

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