How to Get the Kusabimaru in Sekiro

There are a number of different weapons for your to use in Sekiro. One of the first weapons you will find is called the Kusabimaru. This page will highlight how to get the Kusabimaru in Sekiro.

Note: You get this weapon automatically by advancing the story.

Getting the Kusabimaru

How to Get the Kusabimaru in Sekiro

When you start Sekiro you will watch a cutscene that highlights the story of the game. After the cutscene you will take control of the Wolf. During this period you will not have a weapon. To get the Kusabimaru make your way to the Moon Tower. This need to be done to complete the tutorial of the level. Once you reach the moon tower you will receive the Kusabimaru.

Kusabimaru Description

A katana given by Kuro, the Divine Heir. An heirloom of the Hirata family, a cadet branch descended from Ashina. Once thought lost, it has found its way back into the hands of the Wolf. The name Kusabimaru beseeches, “A shinobi’s role is to kill, but even a shinobi must not forget mercy.” A mantra the blade itself may manifest.

That’s all there is to getting the Kusabimaru in Sekiro. Keep it locked here as we find more weapons.

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