Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Gourd Seed Locations

What to do With a Gourd Seed

The Healing Gourd is your main source of healing in Sekiro. Like the Estus Flask in out From Software games, using the Healing Gourd will give you back some life upon activation. The amount of Healing Gourd you can carry can be upgraded using the Gourd Seed. This post will highlight the Gourd Seed locations in Sekiro.

What to do With a Gourd Seed?

What to do With a Gourd Seed

Gourd Seeds are hidden throughout the world of Sekiro. When you collect a seed you may be wondering what to do with it. Well, Gourd Seeds can be returned to Emma the Physician at the Dilapidated Temple. When you give Emma a Gourd Seed she will increase the maximum amount of Healing Gourd you can carry.

Gourd Seed Locations

There area a number of Gourd Seeds for you to collect as you playthrough Sekiro. You will find the locations of each seed below.

Ashina Outskirts: Gourd Seed 1

The first Gourd Seed you will find is along the main path through the Ashina Outskirts. After you fight the tied up ogre you will hookshot into a hole in the building. Turn left and head into the next room to find the Gourd Seed.

Ashina Outskirts: Gourd Seed 2

After you pass through the building above, you will be greeted by a general on the road. Killing this general earns you a Prayer Bead and a Gourd Seed.

Ashina Outskirts: Gourd Seed 3

You can buy a Gourd Seed from the Battlefield Memorial Mob merchant in the building near the Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa boss fight arena. The Gourd Seed costs 1000 sen.

Ashina Castle: Gourd Seed 1

This Gourd Seed can be found in the chest just before the Upper Tower – Antechamber Sculptor’s Idol in the Ashina Castle. Pretty hard to miss.

Senpou Temple, Mt Kongo: Gourd Seed 1

Senpou Temple, Mt Kongo: Gourd Seed 1

After you jump through the ceiling to access the monastery, you will come into a room with three monks praying to an old body. In front of the body you will find the Gourd Seed.

Sunken Valley: Gourd Seed 1

From the Under-Valley shirine make your way down along the rocks until your reach a gap you need to hookshot across. Cross the gap and go through the cave. Hookshot onto the tree then onto the platform with the enemy on it. Look to the left of where the enemy was standing and you will see a scalable rock face (tell-tale marks on it). Scale the cliff and hookshot across to the next area (there are a few enemies here). Make your way up to the camp to find the Gourd Seed in a small alcove.

Dilapidated Temple – Gourd Seed 1

Dilapidated Temple - Gourd Seed 1

You can purchase a Gourd Seed from Fujioka the Info Broker after saving him from the Ashina Castle. The cost of the Gourd Seed is 2000 sen.

Mibu Village – Gourd Seed 1

In the middle of the Mibu Village you will find a Gourd Seed sitting if front of the village idol. There area a number of enemies around it.

I will update this post as I find more locations of the Gourd Seeds. Thanks for reading.

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