How to Get the Homemade Suit in Spider-Man

How to Get the Homemade Suit in Spider-Man PS4

Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 features a number of collectibles scattered around New York City. One type of collectible is the Backpack. There are a total of 55 Backpacks scattered around New York for you to find and collect all of them to unlock a suit. To help you, I’ve put together a brief how to get the Homemade Suit guide below. Let’s get swinging shall we?

What are Backpacks?

Backpacks Spider-Man PS4

Backpacks are a form of collectible in Spider-Man.

Backpacks are collectible items in Spider-Man that can be gathered for XP, lore, and to unlock the Homemade Suit. To collect a Backpack, head to a green Backpack on the map and you will hear a beeping noise. As you get closer to the Backpack the beeping goes faster. Once you are close enough to grab the Backpack you can do so by pressing the triangle button. There are 55 Backpacks throughout New York.

How Many Backpacks are There?

How Many Backpacks are There in Spider-Man PS4

There are a total of 55 Backpacks to collect in Spider-Man. Inside each Backpack is a lore item.

There are 55 Backpacks throughout all districts in New York. Inside each Backpack there is an item from Spider-Man’s past which offers a bit of extra lore. The district breakup of Backpacks is as follows:

  • Harlem – 6
  • Upper East Side – 3
  • Central Park – 2
  • Upper West Side – 5
  • Hell’s Kitchen – 7
  • Midtown – 11
  • Greenwich – 6
  • Chinatown – 6
  • Financial District – 9

All 55 Backpacks are clearly marked on your map with a green Backpack icon. Going to a Backpack location will trigger a beeping noise that gets louder as you get closer.

Unlocking the Homemade Suit

To unlock the Homemade Suit and add it to your collection, you need to collect all 55 Backpacks in New York. This is a fairly simple, but time consuming process. Once you have all 55 Backpacks, you will receive the Homemade Suit and the achievement Backpacker. The Homemade Suit can be equipped from the Suits menu. There is no Suit Power attached to the Homemade Suit, it just looks cool. Good luck!

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