How to Unlock the Noir Suit in Spider-Man

How to Unlock the Noir Suit in Spider-Man

The new Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 features a ton of Suits for players to collect as they travel around the city. Each suit provides its own unique look and bonus for wearing it, so they are beneficial to collect. The suit we are gonna highlight today is called the Noir Suit and it looks amazing. Read more below to learn how to unlock the Noir Suit in Spider-Man.

Noir Suit

The Noir Suit in Spider-Man

This is the Noir Suit. Let’s craft it so we can wear it.

The Noir Suit is an all black Spiderman suit that unlocks the Suit Power “Sound of Silence”. This suit power makes it so “enemies no longer call for backup when alerted”. To unlock this suit you will need to collect a couple of suit requirements. The suit requirements are:

  • 2 Backpack Tokens.
  • 1 Base Token.

Let’s take a look at how we can get the requirements for the Noir Suit.

2 Backpack Tokens

Backpack tokens are collected by finding backpacks scattered throughout the city. Once you find a backpack, opening it will earn you a backpack token. Since we need to collect two for the Noir Suit, I’ve highlighted the location of two backpacks in the pictures above. Collect both of these tokens (or whatever tokens you want to collect).

1 Base Token

Base Token Spider-Man

When you complete a Fisk HIdeout, you earn a Base Token.

Base Token are gathered by completing Fisk Hideouts throughout the city. Since I’m at the beginning of the game, I’ve collected 1 Base Token by simply following the storyline. If you don’t have a Base Token handy, you will need to clear out a Fisk Hideout. They are marked on the map with a crown.

Crafting the Noir Suit

How to Unlock the Noir Suit in Spider-Man

Once you have the required materials, go to the menu and select Suits. You should see a blue star on the upper right hand corner of the Noir Suit. This means we can create it. When ready to do so, navigate to the suit and hold X to craft it. The Noir Suit will now be unlocked!

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