How to Get the Artemis Armor in Monster Hunter World Iceborne

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne has created a collaboration event for players to complete to unlock equipment related to the movie. This equipment allows players to change their look to that of Artemis, the movie’s lead character played by Milla Jovovich. To help you get these items I’ve put together this short guide. Continue reading below to learn how to get the Artemis armor in Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

Complete The New World Event Quest to Get Artemis Alpha Armor

Image showing the Artemis Alpha Armor.

Upon logging into the game following the download of Version 15.10, you’ll encounter a couple of new screens introducing the collaboration. In essence, there are two fresh event quests centered on Artemis for players to undertake. The initial quest available is “The New World,” which, upon completion, rewards you with the Chocolate item. This chocolate can then be exchanged with the Smithy to obtain the Artemis Alpha set.

  • Head: 1x Chocolate.
  • Mail: 1x Chocolate.
  • Guards: 1x Chocolate.
  • Coil: 1x Chocolate.
  • Greaves: 1x Chocolate.
  • 12000 z/piece.

Completing The New World Event Quest rewards you with 5x Chocolate, so you are able to make this entire set after one completion. This armor set has two set bonus skills of Hasten Recovery and Great Luck.

Complete To Our World to Unlock the Artemis Layered Armor Set

If you don’t wish to use the Artemis Alpha set, but do want to look like Artemis, you will want to unlock the Artemis Layered Armor Set. This armor set can be acquired upon completion of the second event quest called To Our World. Completing this quest will grant you the Artemis’s Notebook material, which can be utilized to craft:

  • Artemis Layered Armor Set: 1x Artemis’s Notebook and 5000 pts.

The complete set becomes available for the cost of the notebook. This implies that you only need to complete the “To Our World” mission once to obtain this layered armor set. When you equip this set, your appearance will mirror that of Artemis, while your other armor statistics will remain unchanged.

Alongside these armor sets you will unlock a number of Guild Card additions. These additions include a new background, poses, and expressions. You will also unlock new music you can listen to in your quarters.

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