Monster Hunter World Iceborne: To Our World Event Quest

The second event quest players can complete during the Monster Hunter Movie x Monster Hunter World Iceborne collaboration is called To Our World. In this quest players must defeat a Rathalos in the Ancient Forest. Completing this quest allows players to acquire the Artemis Layered Armor Set. To help you learn more about this quest see our To Our World Event Quest look below.

How to Start To Our World Event

Image showing the To Our World mission screen in Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

Before you can play this quest ensure you’ve completed The New World Event Quest. Once this first mission is completed you will unlock the To Our World Event. This Event Quest is MR 1 and can be accessed from the Bounty Board under Master Rank > Events. When you are ready to play this event que it up and head off to the Ancient Forest.

How to Complete To Our World

Like the previous quest in this story you will be subject to the same rules that applied. These rules mean you will play as Artemis with specific equipment and items. Once you are ready to go simply depart to make your way to the Ancient Forest location.

When you arrive at the Ancient Forest you will watch a short cutscene. During this cutscene you and the Admiral will split up to trackdown the Rathalos. After the cutscene is over you can use the box in-front of you to change to a weapon you like using.

Find and Defeat the Rathalos

This quest plays out very similar to the first one you completed. Once you have control of Artemis you will need to find the Rathalos and then defeat it. Leave the campsite and follow the Scoutflies to reach Area 1 where you will encounter Rathalos. Fight Rathalos and deal damage until you reach about 50%. At this point you will trigger a cutscene.

In this cutscene a storm appears on the horizon. This storm scares off the Rathalos and the Admiral appears. Artemis will eventually ride into the storm to return to her world. This ends the mission.

Rewards for Completing To Our World Event

Image showing the rewards for completing the To Our World Event Quest in MHW I.

Completing the To Out World Event Quest will net you a specific item you need to unlock the Artemis Layered Armor. This specific item is called Artemis’s Notebook. Alongside this notebook item you unlock various things for your Guild Card like poses, expressions, and so on.

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