Monster Hunter World Iceborne: The New World Event Quest

There is a new, Monster Hunter Movie x Monster Hunter World: Iceborne event quest players can complete called The New World. This quest puts players in the role of the main character of the upcoming movie, Artemis. This quest is one of two total in the quest-line that leads to unlocking the different Artemis armor sets. To help you find and complete this quest here’s a quick rundown of The New World event.

How to Start The New Word Event

Image showing The New World event quest in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

The Artemis centered quest, The New World, can be started by approaching a bounty board. Once you approach the board interact with it then select Master Rank > Events. On the Events page you will see The New World at the top. This quest has an MR 1 rank so almost anyone will be able to play and complete it. When you are ready to begin the quest start it.

How to Complete The New World

If you’ve played any of the major collaboration events up to this point you will recognize the general quest rules. This event has a number of restrictions on it:

  1. Can only be played solo.
  2. Players assume the role of Artemis.
  3. Can only use quest specific equipment.
  4. Only get to keep quest rewards (no items).
  5. Food effects are lost upon departing on the quest.
  6. Quest doesn’t count towards weapon usage, monster size, or slay stats on Guild Card.
  7. Cannot use poses and gestures.

These restrictions make the event its own sort of storyline. Once you know the general rules embark on the hunt to trigger a cutscene of Artemis arriving in Wildspire Waste. After this cutscene you can interact with the box to change your weapon (if you wish). Once you are ready it is time to complete the mission.

Head to Area 8

Head to the left when the box and drop down the ledge to the ground below. Artemis will mention scoutflies so simply follow the trail they leave until you reach footprint in Area 8. Interact with the footprints to trigger a cutscene where Black Diablos appears.

Fight Black Diablos

After the cutscene with Black Diablos you will need to fight it. During this fight you simply need to whittle down the Black Diablos health to about 50%. At this point the monster will enrage. Continue to fight it until a cutscene triggers.

Rewards for Completing The New World

Image showing The New World event quest rewards.

The cutscene with marks the end of the mission. After the cutscene you will see the end mission card. On this mission card you will be able to collect your rewards. For completing The New World you unlock a number of rewards:

  • 5x Chocolate (can be turned into the Smithy for Artemis Alpha Set).
  • Max Potions & Ancient Potions.
  • Cinematic World Guild Card Background.
  • Courageous Hunter Guild Card Pose.
  • Express 27 Guild Card.

Completing this mission also unlocks the second mission in the mission chain called To Our World. This is the second and final mission in the collaboration event. For details on this mission see our To Our World page.

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