How to Get Hype Eggs in Pet Simulator 99

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Hey, guess what? BIG Games just dropped Update 8 for Pet Simulator 99 on April 6th, 2024! Now, you can snag free Hype Eggs that have cool stuff inside, like awesome rewards and even the chance to hatch a Huge or Titanic Pet. Want to know how to get hype eggs? Check out our guide below!

Method 1: Earn Hype Eggs by Logging In and Playing New Updates

The requirements to earn Hype Eggs in Pet Simulator 99.
Hype Egg requirements via BIG Games.

The first method of getting Hype Eggs is pretty easy, but you’ve gotta be punctual! When there’s an update (usually on Saturdays), make sure you log into the game within 10 minutes of the update going live. Once you’re in, play for at least 45 minutes.

After you play the game for 45 minutes you need to claim the Hype Eggs. To do this open the Hype Eggs menu (by pushing the egg icon on the HUD) and then push “Claim”. Your rank decides how many you get: Rank 1 gets 1 egg, Rank 20 gets 20 eggs, and so on.

Why Didn’t I Get My Hype Eggs?

If you missed the 10-minute post-update window or didn’t play for a full 45 minutes, you don’t receive anything. But don’t worry, in the future, BIG Games will give players more notice about the requirements. Make sure to follow them on X or join the BIG Games Discord for update notices.

Method 2: Buy Hype Eggs From the Trading Plaza

Hype Eggs for sale at a player's booth in the Trading Plaza in Pet Simulator 99.
If you have the Diamonds you can buy Hype Eggs from the Trading Plaza.

If you don’t want to log in right when an update comes out, you can buy Hype Eggs from other players at the Trading Plaza. Remember, if you’re searching for them using the Terminal, look under Items, not Eggs!

Buying Hype Eggs requires spending Diamonds. The price of these eggs are fairly high and can change, so think carefully about how much you think they are worth before you buy!

Hype Eggs are now part of each update in the game. They’ve taken the place of the Scavenger Hunt Eggs from Pet Simulator X. This means you might get more chances to earn more of them as the experience receives new weekly updates!

Another new addition in Update 8 is the inclusion of the Treasure Hideout. This special room gives players the chance to earn drops and even a Huge Pet. Learn all you need to know about the Treasure Hideout in our guide.

Thoughts on our how to get Hype Eggs in Pet Simulator 99 guide? Drop them in the comments below.



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