Pet Simulator 99 Treasure Hideout

Entrance to the Treasure Hideout minigame in Pet Simulator 99.

In the Update 8 of Pet Simulator 99, BIG Games introduced a cool new place called the Treasure Hideout. Here, you’ll find lots of things you can break with your pets to get awesome rewards! You might even find a super big pet! Keep reading to discover all about the Pet Simulator 99 Treasure Hideout.

Where is the Treasure Hideout?

The Treasure Hideout is in Area 159: Mothership Circuit Board in Tech World. In Area 159 look for a big entrance that says “Treasure Hideout – Great breakable loot.” Before you can enter the minigame, you’ll need a Treasure Hideout Key to unlock access to it.

How to Get Treasure Hideout Keys?

A Treasure Hideout Key for sale in the Trading Plaza in Pet Simulator 99.
You can purchase Treasure Hideout Keys from the Trading Plaza.

In order to enter the Treasure Hideout players must acquire a Treasure Hideout Key to unlock it. There are a few methods you can use to get yourself some Treasure Hideout Keys:

  • Random Item Drop: The key can drop randomly while farming breakables. You can get a full key or top/bottom pieces as drops.
  • Buy From Trading Plaza: You can buy full keys or key pieces from other players in the Trading Plaza.
  • Trade: If you have friends or know players that have keys available, you can see if you can trade for them.

Once you have a full Treasure Hideout Key you can unlock the Treasure Hideout minigame and enter it. Opening the door counts towards the Key Mastery. Once the door is open you can enter and take part in the minigame located inside of the room.

What Do You Do in the Treasure Hideout Minigame

Inside of the Treasure Hideout minigame room in Pet Simulator 99.
Break stuff in the Treasure Hideout room to receive rewards.

Once you’re inside the Treasure Hideout Minigame, you’ve got 30 minutes to smash as many breakables as you can! While you’re smashing, keep an eye on the bar filling up on the wall behind you. When it’s full, you get an increased chance at more cool stuff! You might receive special items like enchants, fruit, Diamonds, potions, and if you’re super lucky, a Huge Electric Cat.

How well you do in the room comes largely down to how strong your pets are. To increase your breakable abilities use fruit, enchants, potions, and a stacked pet team to make the most of your 30 minutes.

After the 30 minutes are up you are automatically kicked out of the room. There’s a 6-hour cooldown on the minigame, so you can’t just play it again right away. You’ll have to wait for the cooldown to finish before you can jump back in.

That’s all you need to Pet Simulator 99 Treasure Hideout minigame. This is not the only new thing that was added in Update 8. Be sure to check out our guide to getting the Hype Eggs to receive those rewards.

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