Pet Simulator X Scavenger Hunt Guide

The Safari Egg in the Kawaii Temple area.

It’s Saturday and that means it is time for a new update in Roblox’s Pet Simulator X experience. Each week the game adds something new to the experience and players can get in on the celebrations by taking part in the update Scavenger Hunt that occurs. To help you find everything during the hunt here’s our complete Pet Simulator X Scavenger Hunt guide.

Note: Scavenger Hunt eggs no longer appear in Pet Simulator X. They were depreciated with the release of Pet Simulator 99. Pet Simulator 99 players can receive Hype Eggs after each update.

Scavenger Egg Hunt Safari Eggs Locations (October 21)

Today, June 10,BIG Games released the Summer World update. For three hours, after 10am PST when the update was released, players could take part in a special Scavenger Egg hunt. This egg hunt tasks you with finding 3 hidden eggs scattered across the different worlds in the game. The locations of this week’s 3 hidden eggs are below.

Safari Egg 1: Axolotl Ocean

The Axolotl Ocean Scavenger Hunt egg location.
Scavenger Hunt egg in Axolotl Ocean biome.

The first of the hidden eggs is located in the Axolotl Ocean are of Axolotl World. The Scavenger Hunt egg is located next to the along the right wall next to some coral.

Safari Egg 2: Limbo

The Limbo Scavenger Hunt egg location
Scavenger Hunt egg in Limbo.

The second of the hidden eggs is located in Limbo area. The Scavenger Hunt Egg is located behind the large portal in the zone. You have to look behind the portal to find it.

Safari Egg 3: Dog World

The Dog Firehall Scavenger Hunt egg location
Scavenger Hunt egg location in Dog Park.

The third, and final egg, is located in the Dog Firehouse area of Dog World. The Scavenger Hunt Egg is located next to the the large Dog Rescue building. It is fairly easy to spot.

Each time there is an update the developers BIG Games hides 3 Hidden Safari Eggs around the maps. These eggs have the chance of hatching HUGE Safari Cats, Huge Safari Dog or simply a Safari Cat/Dog. This post updates each week with the locations of the Hidden Eggs so be sure to comeback and check on Saturdays.

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