How to Change the Steam Deck Keyboard Theme

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Valve’s Steam Deck is essentially a mini-computer in your pocket. Like your computer there is a keyboard that can be used (on screen) to input text. If you are not a fan of the look of the keyboard that comes base, I have good news for you. Here’s how to change the Steam Deck keyboard theme to make it unique.

Where are the Keyboard Themes on the Steam Deck

Image showing where to find the Steam Deck Keyboard Theme options.
Location of the Keyboard Theme setting on the Steam Deck.

Changing the keyboard theme on the Steam Deck is fairly straightforward. On the deck push the Steam button to open the menu. Scroll down to Settings and select it. Scroll down the Settings menu to keyboard. On the keyboard screen scroll over to Current keyboard Theme. This drop down menu allows you to swap the active theme of the keyboard.

Where to Get Keyboard Themes on the Steam Deck

I had three available keyboard themes on my Steam Deck when I received it. There are more themes you can purchase through the Points Shop. The easiest method to access the Points Store is to scroll down one below the Current Keyboard Theme drop down menu to the Find More Keyboard Themes Visit the Points Shop button.

Right now there are a few different keyboard themes you can purchase from the store. These themes cost a total of 5,00 points to purchase. If you are not aware Steam Points are a sort of cashback system that rewards you with points for purchasing games. These points are then spendable in the Points Shop on things like avatars, backgrounds, keyboard themes, and so on.

That’s all you need to know to change the look of the keyboard on Valve’s Steam Deck. The digital keyboard can be brought up at any time using the built in shortcut key combination of Steam button + X.

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