Steam Deck Steam Button Shortcuts List

Valve‘s Steam Deck is an interesting hand-held device that allows players to take much of their Steam library on the go. This mini-handheld computer features a number of different commands with many stemming from the Steam Deck’s Steam button. To learn more about these commands see our Steam Deck Steam Button shortcuts list below.

What are the Steam Button Shortcuts on the Steam Deck?

Image showing the Steam Deck Steam Button Shortcuts list.
List of the Steam Deck’s button shortcuts.

The Steam button on the Steam Deck is located to the bottom left of the screen. This button does a number of things, but what we are focusing on today are the shortcuts it allows you to use. To see a list of them all simply long hold the Steam button down and the list shown in the screenshot above will appear. The shortcuts currently available are as follows:

Button InputResult
Steam + B Long PressForce Game Shutdown
Steam + XShow Keyboard
Steam + L1Toggle Magnifier
Steam + R1 Take Screenshot
Steam + L2 Soft PullRight Mouse Click
Steam + R2 Soft PullLeft Mouse Click
Steam + Right ThumbstickJoystick Mouse
Steam + Right Thumbstick (Horizontal)As Mouse
Steam + Right Thumbstick (Click)Left Mouse Click
Steam + Left Thumbstick (Up)Screen Brightness Up
Steam + Right Thumbstick (Down)Screen Brightness Down
Steam + D-Pad (Right)Enter Key
Steam + D-Pad (Down)Tab Key
Steam + D-Pad (Left)Escape Key

I’ve bolded the shortcuts I think are most useful to you. They are Force Game Shutdown, Take Screenshot, and Increase/Decrease Screen Brightness. Knowing these four will drastically improve using this hand-held device on the go.

If you know of other shortcuts that are not listed on the list, let me hear about them in the comments below. I’m loving the hand-held system and would love to know more details about what its capable of.

Thoughts on the Steam Deck Steam Button Shortcuts? Drop them in the comments below.


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