How to Change MyPLAYER Animations in NBA 2K22

There is a number of ways players of NBA 2K22 can customize the look of their MyPLAYERS. One of the more important and impactful changes they can make is to the characters different animations. Things like jumpshot, free throw, dribble style, and even dunks can all be tailored in-game to make your character unique. To learn more here’s how to change MyPLAYER Animations in NBA 2K22.

How to Change Animations in NBA 2K22

If you want to change the animations your MyPLAYER has in-game make your way into the MyCAREER mode. Once you are in this mode access the start menu. On the start menu navigate to the section called MyPLAYER. On this screen selection Animation. This takes you to a special set of menus to help you change the following:

Gameplay Animations

  • Scoring moves.
  • Playmaking moves.
  • In-game celebrations.

Showoff Animations

  • Intros & Outros.
  • City Emotes.
  • City Dribble Emotes.

Runaway Animations

  • Walks.
  • Turns.

These are all the major animation categories. Within each category you are able to equip a variety of animations for a variety of different gameplay mechanics and situations. Explore each category to see what’s inside of them.

To equip an animation simply highlight the animation you which to change and push “Select New Animation.” This opens a sub menu containing the animations you currently have available. To get more visit the game’s Animations Store. Here you can purchase them for VC.

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