How to Access NBA 2K22 DLC Items Guide

NBA 2K22 features a number of editions for players to purchase. This different additions contain bonus items for players to use in the game. To ensure you get all of the items owed to you our how to access NBA 2K22 DLC items guide below walks you through claiming each pre-order bonus.

Important: Connect to the servers when you login.

How to Get VC, MyTEAM Points, and MyTEAM Tokens

Image showing how to get the pre-order bonus currency in NBA 2K22.

Each game edition comes with bonus in-game currency. These currencies are VC, MyTEAM Points, and MyTEAM Tokens (not in standard). To get the currency in your account login on the console you wish to add the currency to. Once you log into the game your account will be credited the currency you are owed when you enter a game mode like MyTEAM.

How to Get MyTEAM Promo Packs, Luka Doncic, Diamond Jordan Shoe, and Coach Cards

The next DLC bonus works similar to the credits mentioned above. The MyTEAM Promo Packs are acquired in the MyTEAM game mode. Play this mode and you will find a unopened packs option on the MyTEAM Pack Market screen. Interact with the unopened pack option to see packs available. Keep in mind the promo packs release once a week. The Coach Card packwill be there if you bought the Anniversary Edition. The Luka Doncic and Diamond Jordan Shoe cards will also be there in MyTEAM as well.

How to Get the Luka Doncic MyPLAYER Jersey, 4 MyPLAYER T-Shirts, and Boosts

The final bit of DLC goodies takes a bit of work to unlock. You need to playthrough the MyPLAYER mode until you unlock the City. Once you reach this social hub you will gain access to player customisation options. Upon reaching this point you will find the Luka Doncic jersey and MyPLAYER t-shirts under start > MyPLAYER > Appearance > The City > Top.

The Boosts you receive as a bonus can be found under another menu. Go to Start > Progression > MyHealth. On this screen you will see the boosts you have currently available.

That’s all the pre-order items players receive from this year’s edition of NBA 2K. The in-game currency is the most useful of the bunch as it allows you to level up your character for online and career play.

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  1. Cade Workman says:

    How do I get a Luka jersey in real life or in better words what store (online) do I get it from?

  2. Wendy says:

    Is there anyway the DLC for 2K22 can be accessed on a different account not the account that the game was purchased on. I got the game for my son for Christmas and he can see the game but not all the extras – he’s devastated and doesn’t want to use my account as all his friends are on his account.

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