How to Take a Selfie in NBA 2K22

While you are out exploring The City in NBA 2K22 you will come across a number of challenges you can complete. One challenge tasks you with taking selfies with specific characters. This task requires you now how to work the in-game camera. To help you here’s our how to take a selfie in NBA 2K22 guide.

Taking a Selfie in 2K22

To take a selfie you need to open your phone in-game (left d-pad on console) and then open the camera app. Once you’ve opened the camera app you need to rotate the camera so it is facing your MyPLAYER. To do this hit the Change Mode button (R1) to turn on the front facing camera. Position yourself accordingly so you are next to the target you wish to snap a selfie with. Hit the “Take Photo” button to snap a picture.

After you’ve snapped a selfie you will be prompted to review the picture you took. On this screen you can save the photo, apply a filter, or discard the photo. To complete the selfie challenges be sure you save the photo. When done correctly you will complete the photo challenge you’ve been tasked with.

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