Hollow Knight Forgotten Crossroads Guide

Upon leaving Dirtmouth by dropping down the well you will arrive in a new named area called Forgotten Crossroads. This is the first major explorable area in the game. From here on you are largely on your own to explore. To help you get through this area see the Hollow Knight Forgotten Crossroads guide below.

Where to Get The Map for Forgotten Crossroads

Maps make Hollow Knight a bit easier to navigate so let’s first grab the map for this area. After dropping down the well, head left until you reach the big room pictured above. In this big room head to the very bottom and drop through the hole in the floor. In the next room is Cornifer the Cartographer. He sells maps for each area when you find him. The map for this area costs 30 Geo. Buying the map causes vendor Iselda to move into Dirtmouth

Forgotten Crossroads Boss: False Knight

Image showing the Forgotten Crossroads map in Hollow Knight.
Path through the Forgotten Crossroads.

Once you have acquired the map there are a few things you can do. You can spend time exploring the area or head for the first boss fight. Along the way are two benches as well as a fast travel station you can unlock. I’ve highlighted the route to reach the first major boss of the game, False Knight, on the map above. Follow it to reach the boss when you are ready.

False Knight is the first real boss you will face off against in Hollow Knight. The boss is big, but relatively easy to fight. False Knight has a pretty basic move set. There is a simple hammer smash, a jump smash which sends out shockwaves, as well as a wild multi-directional smash which brings fiery balls down into the arena.

Keep in mind that Hollow Knight’s combat is largely about mobility. Look to dodge, hit, and then retreat. If you need to heal, look for gaps in attacks which give you ample time to do so using your Soul. Upon defeating the False Knight boss pick up the City Crest from its body.

Ability Unlocked: Vengeful Spirit

After defeating False Knight grab the treasure chest full of Geo on the left side of the arena. Use the platforms to go up and enter the building there. Inside you meet an NPC called the Shaman who will give you a new ability called Vengeful Spirit. This ability allows you to shoot projectiles using Soul.

Upon receiving the ability, you will be knocked unconscious and taken to an area where you are locked in. This area acts as a sort of tutorial for using your new skill and is fairly straightforward. There is a charm in this area which is pretty handy called the Soul Catcher, so grab it. Complete the area and return to the Shaman to have the door unlocked. From here return to the bottom floor of the room and head left, smash the switch and open up the shortcut back to where you encountered the Cartographer.

This guide is part of our Hollow Knight guide and walkthrough. Check out the hub for more guides about this game. As for where to go next, the next location the Knight must visit is Greenpath.

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