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Greenpath is the second major area you visit in Hollow Knight. It is located to the left of the Forgotten Crossroads. This biome is a lush, poisoned filled area, which starts introducing more platforming to the game. It also features a new boss to fight and a new ability to collect. To help you navigate this area use our Hollow Knight Greenpath guide below.

How to get to Greenpath

To get to Greenpath, go to the large room above where you found Cornifer in the Forgotten Crossroads (the one with all the platforms) and look for a door midway on the left wall. On the ledge go to the left to enter a new area. In this new area there is stone tablet and a Elder Baldur enemy. This enemy rolls up if you get near it. Stand a ways away and use the Vengeful Spirit ability to take it out from distance. Upon defeating it walk left to reach Greenpath.

First thing to note when you enter Greenpath is that there is a ton of poison in this area. Poison, like other hazards, will respawn you if you fall into it. So always look before you leap. The other thing to note is that the area is full of a bunch of new enemies. These enemies are more powerful than those found in the Forgotten Crossroads, so be careful. Like we did in the Forgotten Crossroads, let’s start by getting you the area’s map.

Where to Get The Map for Greenpath

Image showing where to find Cornifer in Greenpath.
Map location of Cornifer in Greenpath.

Getting the map from Cornifer is a bit of a journey into the area, but the route and location is shown on the map above. From the entrance keep going left until you meet Hornet (by meet I mean she is standing on a ledge you can’t reach). In this room head down and go right until you find him in a dead end room. With the area map in hand, let’s get you to the are boss: Hornet.

How to Get to Hornet Fight 1

Hornet is probably the second most important character in Hollow Knight, because she plays an interesting role throughout the game. In our first meeting in Greenpath, Hornet is nice enough to guide us where we need to go.

From the Cartographer, head left and drop down the floor. Continue heading left and then then head up. Snag the bench here (costs 50 Geo to access), then continue upward. In the room above the bench, head right, and go up. In this room head left and you will reach an NPC named Zote who is in trouble. There are two choices you can make, help him or leave him to die. The choice is up to you. If you save him there is more of a storyline involving him to complete.

Regardless of your decision, continue left and drop into the room below. This room gives us direct access to Hornet, but there is a Stagway station and Bench which are right below the boss fight you should grab first. When ready head into Hornet’s boss arena to begin the fight.

Green Path Boss: Hornet

Hornet will be your first real test as she is quick and can cover distances fairly quick. If needed, pick up the Stalwart Shell Charm from Sly back in Dirtmouth, as this will give you more recovery time when hit.

Approach this fight with the mindset of attacking and then escaping. Keep as much distance as you can from Hornet and strike when she is recovering. In total, I can see four moves: dash, jump attack, spear throw, and yarn explosion (jumps in the air and yarn spins around her). Defeat Hornet to get the ability called the Mothwing Cloak.

Ability: Mothwing Cloak

When you down Hornet, a shimmering item appears on the dead body in the boss arena. Inspect this item and you will receive the Mothwing Cloak. This cloak allows the wearer to dash! I’m guessing it will come in handy. After we collect the cloak, we will learn a bit more about the story. Once this is done, we can leave the boss arena. To do this, head through the open gate on the left one. This takes us into an area we need to use dash (think of it like a tutorial). Dash your way out and return to the Stagway station/bench area we grabbed earlier.

This guide is part of our Hollow Knight walkthrough and guide hub. Check it out for more guides about this game. As for where to head next, having Mothwing Cloak really opens up exploration. This means we can make our way to the new named area of Fungal Wastes & Mantis Village.

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