Hogwarts Legacy Scrope Correct Answer

Hogwarts Legacy Scrope correct answer.

In the popular video game Hogwarts Legacy, players encounter a pivotal mission known as ‘The Polyjuice Plot.’ Within this mission, players are tasked with assuming the identity of Professor Black to acquire the password for the Headmaster’s Office. Successfully discovering this password hinges on providing the correct response to a question posed by the house elf named Scrope. To find the correct answer and progress in the game, here’s the definitive our guide to getting the Hogwarts Legacy Scrope correct answer.

What is the Correct Answer to Scrope’s Password Question?

After transforming into the character of Professor Black, players navigate the enchanting grounds of Hogwarts. Ultimately, they find themselves in the illustrious Great Hall, where Scrope awaits. To initiate the process of uncovering the password, approach Scrope on the stage.

During this pivotal interaction, Scrope poses a crucial question that demands a prompt reply. The question is, ‘It is the Black family motto, Master. Master does remember it…?’ Following this query, players are presented with three choices. The correct selection is the third option, which reads, ‘It’s to do with purity of blood.’

Upon making the correct choice, Scrope divulges that the password is in French. Subsequently, players instruct him to pronounce it, and Scrope obliges, revealing the password as ‘Toujours Pur.’

Once armed with the password from Scrope, the effects of the Polyjuice potion gradually wear off. To continue the quest, players must exit the Great Hall and proceed to a designated changing area.

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