Hogwarts Legacy Scrope Correct Answer

In Hogwarts Legacy there is a mission players must complete called The Polyjuice Plot. This mission tasks players with impersonating Professor Black to learn the password for the Headmaster’s Office. To successfully learn the password players need to correctly answer a question from the house elf named Scrope. To learn the password here’s the Hogwarts Legacy Scrope correct answer.

What is the Answer to Scrope’s Password Question?

Hogwarts Legacy Scrope correct answer.
The correct answer to Scrope’s question.

After you’ve turned into Professor Black you make your way through the grounds of Hogwarts. Eventually you arrive in the Great Hall where Scrope is located. Speak to Scrope on the stage to begin to sus out the password.

During this interaction Scrope will ask you a very important question that you need to answer. This question is “It is the Black family motto Master. Master does remember it..?” After this question is asked the player then can choose from three selections. The correct seleciton is the third one which is, “It’s to do with purity of blood.”

Following making the correct selection Scrope tells you that the password is in French. You then order him to pronounce it for you. Scrope gives you the password which is Toujours Pur.

Once you’ve received the password from Scrope the Polyjuice potion begins to wear off. You need to exit the Great Hall and head to a changing area to continue the quest.

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