Hogwarts Legacy Bridge Puzzle Guide

Hogwarts Legacy bridge brazier.

The Hogwarts Legacy bridge puzzle that tasks players with lighting four braziers and selecting the correct number is a bit of a stumper. This puzzle, when solved, gives players access to a location containing multiple treasure chests, so it is well worth the effort. To help you solve the bridge puzzle we’ve put together this quick guide.

Where is the Bridge Puzzle?

Hogwarts Legacy bridge puzzle map location.
The bridge is between The Great Hall and The Library Annex.

You will find the bridge puzzle I am writing about on the grounds of Hogwarts spanning the chasm between The Great Hall and The Library Annex. On this bridge there are unlit braziers that hint at a puzzle to be completed. Keep in mind you can’t complete the bridge puzzle until you have a flame spell such as Incendio unlocked.

Hogwarts Bridge Puzzle Solution

The solution is located on this cover.

Once you have Incendio available to use (unlocks during the main storyline), make your way to the map location shown above. When you reach the bridge go to the northwest end. Here you will find a manhole cover with symbols on it. The symbols shown correlate to a roman numeral number:

  • I = Triangle with six lines.
  • II = Big and little circle with line.
  • III =Triangle with one line and circle.
  • IV – Square with X.

To solve the bridge puzzle light the four braziers on the bridge. Once you’ve lit a brazier using Incendio rotate the base of the brazier so that you match the roman numeral to the symbol below it.

Once all of the braziers roman numerals and the symbols below are matched up, the manhole cover opens. This gives you access to a ladder leading to the viaduct below the bridge. Climb down the ladder and explore this area. There are three chests you can open in the viaduct containing Gear and other items.

This is not the only interesting puzzle to solve in the game. There is a magical well that gives you a treasure map to follow. Additionally you can uncover a romantic meeting by following enchanted candles. If that’s not your speed check out our guide on how to get the Broom so you can explore in style or learn how to identify unidentified gear.

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