Hogwarts Legacy Unidentified Gear

Hogwarts Legacy unidentified gear piece in inventory.

In Hogwarts Legacy unidentified gear is gear you find but know nothing about. This gear starts to drop as you advance through the main storyline. When you first receive a piece like this you may be wondering what to do with it exactly. The guide below walks you through everything you need to know about unidentified gear.

How to Identify Unidentified Gear Pieces

Unidentified gear begins to drop as you advance through the main storyline. As the name of the item suggests, the stats of the unidentified gear piece are unknown to you. In order to learn them you have to take the gear piece to a specific location. If you read the unidentified gear pieces description it tells you to “take this to the Room of Requirements to reveal its qualities.” But how do we get there?

Hogwarts Legacy The Desk of Description.
The Desk of Description in The Room of Requirements.

The answer to that question is fairly simple. All you need to do is continue to advance the main questline. Progress the main storyline until you get the quest The Room of Requirements. As the name of this quest suggests, you will go to The Room of Requirement. Inside the room there is the Desk of Description. This piece of furniture can be used to identify any hidden magical properties of the clothing you carry.

To use the desk to identify your gear simply approach it. If you have any unidentified gear pieces on your character you will be prompted to identify them. Hold the prompted button until the gear is identified and added to your inventory.

You are able to fast travel to The Room of Requirements whenever you like via its Floo Flame map icon. This makes it possible to constantly be checking any unidentified gear you pick up on your journey.

Can You Sell Unidentified Gear?

Hogwarts Legacy selling unidentified gear.
You can sell unidentified gear.

Unidentified gear can be sold to various vendors around Hogwarts and area. The sell method works the same as selling other goods in the game. Go to a vendor and swap to the sell screen. On this screen select the unidentified item you wish to sell. You will see its sell value when you hover on it. Unidentified gear appears to retain its value regardless of whether it is revealed or not.

That’s all you really need to know about unidentified gear. If you need more help with the game be sure to check out our other guides including how to get the broom, how to open eyeball chests, and how to complete the confusing side quest Ghost of Our Love.

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