Hogwarts Legacy Well Well Well Guide

Hogwarts Legacy Well Well Well is a side quest located to the southeast of town of Aranshire. This side quest tasks players with following a map given to them by a talking well. Correctly following the map leads to treasure, so it is well worth the effort. To complete this side quest and get the treasure use our guide below.

Where to Start Well, Well, Well

You can start the Well, Well, Well side quest once you are able to freely roam around the exterior areas of Hogwarts. At this point visit Aranshire to the east. From Aranshire head up into the hills to the southeast and follow the paths there. You will come across a magical well in some ruins that speaks to you. Speak to the well to receive a crudely drawn map showing a specific location.

Well Drawing Location

Hogwarts Legacy Magic Well drawing.
The drawing from the magic well.

The map you receive from the magic well is fairly ambiguous. It depicts some ruins, a bridge, and a tree in the middle of them. If you haven’t explored the map yet, chance are high you have no idea where the location is. Lucky for you, I do!

From the magic well make the far journey southwest until you reach the wizarding settlement called Irondale. This is a far journey so ensure you have a Broom or Flying Mount available to use to drastically cut down on travel time. If you have the Irondale Floo Flame unlocked use that to fast travel there instead.

From Irondale head south to the ruins on the hill. At the ruins you will see a bridge you can walk across going west. Walk across the bridge to reach the tree shown in the drawing. Use Levioso on the tree to pull it out of the grown. Attached to its roots is a Treasure Chest open it to get a piece of Gear. Upon opening the chest you complete the Well, Well, Well side quest.

There are other hidden map side quests to complete. Check out our Ghost of Our Love guide or Cache in the Castle guide for help with some of the more difficult ones. Additionally you can learn about the door puzzles and how to solve them.

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