Hogwarts Legacy Cache in the Castle Guide

Hogwarts Legacy Arthur Plummly.

Hogwarts Legacy Cache in the Castle is a side quest that players can complete in the game. This side quest comes from Arthur Plummly. Arthur asks the player to help him find a hidden treasure by following a treasure map. Agreeing to do this begins the Cache in the Castle quest. See how to complete this quest below.

Where to Start Cache in the Castle?

The Cache in the Castle side quest can be started in the The Astronomy Wing – Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower location of Hogwarts after you’ve unlocked the Accio spell. The quest giver, Arthur Plummly is waiting for you outside of the Charms Class. Speak to Arthur to start the quest.

Hogwarts Legacy Arthur's Treasure Map.
Arthur’s Treasure Map.

When you speak to Arthur Plummly he tells you that he has found two old treasure maps for locations in Hogwarts. He wants your help in finding the location of one of them. If you agree to do the quest he gives you a treasure map. This map features hand drawn locations for you to find.

How to Complete Cache in the Castle?

After you receive Arthur’s Treasure Map you will see a path appear on your mini-map. Follow this path leading down into the lower portion of the The Astronomy Wing. At the bottom of The Astronomy Wing you will encounter the Rhinoceros skeleton. This marks finding the first clue location.

Hogwarts Legacy Arthur's Treasure painting.
Use Accio on this painting in the North Hall.

From the Rhinoceros skeleton head down the stairs and exit the building so you are in the Transfiguration Courtyard. Go northwest in the courtyard so you reach the North Hall. In the North Hall walk forward and hang a right. Go up the stairs and continue up them until you see a painting of a snowy cottage. Use Accio on the hook of the painting to reveal a secret room. Go into the secret room and open the treasure chest to receive the Authentic Historian’s Uniform.

Upon opening the treasure you will get a new objective to return to Arthur. Head back to Arthur and speak to him. Tell him that you’ve found the treasure. The quest will end and you will receive XP for your efforts.

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