GTA Online Smuggler Trail Random Event

In the weekly reset today in GTA Online, Rockstar added two new random events for players to complete. The first of these random events I will highlight is the Smuggler Cache random event. To learn where this event can spawn and how to complete it see our GTA Online Smuggler Trail random event guide below.

Where to Find the Smuggler’s Trail Random Event

Image showing the map location of the GTA Online Smuggler's Trail random event.
The red dot is where you start the event.

To begin this random event you need to first find it. Like other random events the Smuggler’s Trail event spawns on your map randomly. The location I’ve found it consistently is Galileo Observatory to the north of Los Santos (which I’ve marked it on the map above).

Image showing the flair lit to start the GTA Online Smuggler's Trail random event.
If this flair is here you can do the event.

At this location there is a square parking lot area. In the middle of this square parking lot is a strip of grass. On this strip you will find a flare burning if the event is active. There will also be a blue dot on your mini-map and map to signify that the event is active.

Note a couple of things regarding this event. If the weather is rainy it can be hard to complete since the flairs extinguish. Second if you don’t trigger it and go to far away, the event will end.

Upon completion of the event you will need to wait 30 minutes before it has a chance of spawning into the game again. This event can occur in both public and private lobbies it’s just a matter of chance.

How to Complete the Smuggler’s Trail Random Event in GTA

When the event is active make your way over to the flare. Stand next to it and you will be prompted to start the Smuggler’s Trail to reach the Smuggler’s Cache. Push the interact button to start. This triggers a nearby flair to ignite. Follow the flairs as they make a trail. At the end of the trail you will find the Smuggler’s Cache. Interact with the box to receive RP and $25k. The video above shows HTR completing the random event in full.

There is a second random event that has been added in this week’s weekly reset as well. This event is the Smuggler’s Plane. When this random event is active a plane will crash and players can collect rewards from the wreckage.

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