GTA Online Smuggler’s Plane Random Event

In this week’s weekly reset of GTA Online Rockstar added two new random events to the online experience. The event we are looking at in this article is the Smuggler Plane. This event, as the name suggests, sees a plane spawn on the map. After it spawns it flies for a bit and then crashes into the water. To help you find and complete this event see our GTA Online Smuggler’s Plane guide below.

Where to Find the Smuggler’s Plane Random Event

Image showing possible spawns for the Smuggler's Plane in GTA Online.
The Smuggler Plane can spawn around the lakes.

The Smuggler Plane event is a random spawn that occurs around the three lakes in Los Santos. I’ve personally had it spawn around the lake to the northeast of the casino. When the plane does spawn in you will hear sirens and a blue dot will appear on your mini-map and map, showing the planes location.

The Smuggler Plane about to crash.

Once the plane spawn in and begins to fly all you need to do is follow it. Eventually the plane will crash into the nearby body of water. You will then see a search marker on your map of where the plane crashed. It is in this circle you want to look for the treasure left by the plane wreckage.

Upon completion of the event you will need to wait 35 minutes before it has a chance of spawning into the game again. This event can occur in both public and private lobbies it’s just a matter of chance.

Where to Find the Smuggler’s Cache

To get the reward for this event you need to recover the Smuggler’s Cache that drops in the plane’s wreckage. This means finding a box among the wreckage. I recommend using a Rebreather or the Scuba Gear while you are underwater so you don’t have to resurface while you are looking. Once you find and grab the cache you will receive some RP and $25k cash. The video above from HTR shows the entire process of the event.

There is a second random event that has been added in this week’s weekly reset as well. This event is the Smuggler’s Trail. When this random event is active flairs will appear in Los Santos that lead you to a treasure cache.

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